Sunday, March 13, 2011

Come on Verizon and NHL, Really?

 So, Verizon and the NHL have had a couple of commercials recently that might be considered interesting, but really just annoy me.

The first one features Alex Ovechkin, the young Russian superstar from the Washington Capitals.  In the commercial, Ovechkin scores 9 goals in one game.

If the point is to get across that you can get NHL games on highlights on your Verizon phone, um, I guess I get that, but aren't there enough real highlights to make that point without making up a video game like effort from Alex Ovechkin?

I hope that nobody comes to the NHL thinking that someone could actually score 9 goals in a game.

I'm pretty sure that no one would believe that this really happened, and it is even less likely that people will believe this latest commercial.

Now, don't get me wrong; it is hilarious, I'm loving the beards, but I don't feel like this commercial really does anything to sell people who aren't fans of the NHL (and even less those who aren't fans of the Philadelphia Flyers, who lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals last year, Go Hawks).

I am a huge fan of hockey, and I think that many other people might get into the sport if given the chance, but it should probably be by highlighting some of the actual highlights of the league, not making up ridiculous things.

Although, it might have something to do with not liking Ovechkin or the Flyers.

If the perfect season commercial were about the Hawks, I might have felt different.


Until Next Time, here's hoping that the NHL and/or Verizon can really showcase the amazing sport that not as many people are watching.

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