Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Always Funny in Philadelphia

Last night's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was, without question, one of the series's finest.

The story-telling was probably the best that the show has ever had, and yet the wacky comedy didn't suffer from story at all.

(From this point on there will be spoilers)

The big question from the episode is: Who is Sweet Dee's Baby Daddy?

Talking about this with my good friend Justin (from the outstanding Cavemen Go), he brought up an idea he has for an upcoming blog of his own where he would think of awesome stunt castings for some of his favorite shows.  This is a great idea, and I am greatly looking forward to his blog on that very subject, but I thought, while we wait, we should come up with the top 5 stunt casting choices for Sweet Dee's Baby Daddy.

5. Ben Stiller
The episode began with the gang talking about spending the night at the museum (which would also be a hilarious episode, I kind of hope that we get that one some day), so, of course, I thought about Ben Stiller.  His comedic timing would fit in nicely with this crowd, and that would have been an awesome easter egg if the guys knew they were bringing in Ben Stiller to be Sweet Dee's Baby Daddy.

4. Jonathan Lajoie (Taco from The League)
Taco is the greatest character on the greatest show about Fantasy Football ever.  (Seriously, it is scary how much this show often matches a league that I am in [GO WILD OLIVES!]).  Jonathan Lajoie (pronounced Lajwa) steals every single scene that he is in, and not only would he do the same on Sunny, he would also bring more attention to the hilarious show that follows it.

3. Ricky Gervais
Mainly because I love him, and want him to be on every comedy, because he can only make it funnier.  (He's also my choice to replace Michael Scott on NBC's The Office, but to do so as David Brent, the character that Michael Scott is based on.)  Just imagining Ricky Gervais's expressions when listening to Dennis, Mac, Charlie, and Frank already have me cracking up.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Justin's choice for some great stunt casting.  This would be hilarious on numerous levels.  A: It's the Govenator, so that would be awesome, B: The comedic stylings of Schwarzenegger and Sunny star Danny DeVito are well documented.  And this wouldn't be the first time that Schwarzenegger and DeVito have had to deal with an impending birth.  I can see it now, AH-nold could play Frank's (twin?) brother, the uncle that Sweet Dee had always had a huge crush on, and since 7th Heaven turned out to be Dennis and Sweet Dee's real dad, there wouldn't be anything too wrong with it (at least not to these depraved people).

And my number one choice would be the man of whom there is a statue in Philadelphia....

1. Sylvester Stalone (better known as Rocky Balboa)

Mainly, because I want to see a boxing match between Sly and Dennis.

Until Next Time, what do you think?  Who should play Sweet Dee's Baby Daddy?  Or should it be someone on the show already?


  1. 1. After all this time, I finally read your post.
    2. On the same line as Schwarzenegger's relationship with DeVito through Twins, I think that Michael Keaton might be good because of his relationship to DeVito in one of my favorite superhero movies: Batman Returns. It would be sweet to see the two of them at odds in some way once again.
    3. I want both Keaton and Schwarzenegger. Batman and two Bat-villains. And maybe a pun with Schwarzenegger saying, "Remember me?" and Keaton saying, "I can't say that I do," pointing to the fact that Schwarzenegger went up against another Batman.
    4. And then we bring in George Clooney to the It's Always Sunny cast.
    5. I should end at 5. I really should have ended at 2. Great post!

  2. btw. here's a link to that "upcoming blog":