Sunday, October 29, 2006

LOST Every Man For Himself, first thoughts

I'm guessing it's Benry Gale who has the spinal tumor, but I almost expect it to be someone else, because that seems so obvious.

Other Big Questions after this ep...

What's up with the second island?
It's like something out of an Oliver Stone pic.  Instead of a second shooter, there's a second island.

I wonder what it is they want from Sawyer.
We know what they want from Dr. Jack, and they probably took Kate in order to get the boys to stay in line, but what is it they want from Sawyer?

And finally, what is Desmond's new found power?
An ability to see the future of some sort obviously, but my guess is there's more to it.

Either way...

Until Next Time, can't wait to find out.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

LOST Further Instructions, first thoughts

Man it was awesome seeing Boone again.  I really like Ian Somerholder, and enjoy the play between him and Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

So, Desmond can see the future now, huh?  Weird.  Wonder where that will take us.

Where you like me, did you think that the cop was going to shoot Locke, paralyzing him?  I wonder when we'll finally find out how he becomes paralyzed.

Until Next Time, Lots of stuff going on this season, but sadly only three more episodes before we get a long hiatus.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LOST The Glass Ballerina, first thoughts

Highlights from Ep 2...

Benry Gale showing Dr. Jack the tape of Red Sox winning world series.  Whole scene was brilliantly done, plus makes you wonder how the hell they are getting their info on the island.

Best LOST line ever?

Definitely in the running is Kate's response to Sawyer's statement "You taste like strawberries."  Kate's reply had me laughing so hard I had to pause the show...  "You taste like fish biscuit."  I've been saying that to everyone.  That line is great.

Until Next Time, only one more day til the third episode.  Can't wait.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

LOST A Tale of Two Cities, first thoughts

Wow!!!!!   Right off the bat you were sucked in.  I was like, what in the world is going on here?  Whose flashback is this?  Then we find out that it is actually on the island!!!

I knew that the Others were not really all primitive, but I don't think I was expecting a "leave it to beaver" neighborhood.

I wonder who the guy that Jack's wife left him for is.  I bet he fits into the island storyline somehow.  Everything does.

How much of a connection do the Others have to the world outside the island?  They somehow got all the info on Jack, including events just before the flight (the autopsy of Jack's dad).  Could they have somehow made sure the people on this plane were on this particular flight?

It's looking more and more likely that someone did, if they are able to get such exact info on various passengers.

Why are they keeping them in a zoo?  And who was it that tried to escape with Sawyer?

So much I want to know.  Can't wait to find out more.

Until Next Time, Five more episodes before the long break until Feb.  Good news is that in Feb, once it comes back, it is non-stop til the end of the season, 24 style.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

LOST Season 3 preview

LOST starts Wednesday!!!

Big questions...

What will people say back at camp when they hear from Hurley about Sawyer, Kate, and Dr. Jack?

-Really don't know, can't wait to find out.

Are Sayid, Sun, and Jin going to save them quickly?

- I highly doubt it. I think they'll be with the Others for awhile.

Will Michael and Walt get away from the island?

-no chance in hell.

Follow up question, did Henry Gale lie about the route away or will it be for some other reason?

-you tell me.

What is going on in the world back home?

-we finally saw something off of the island in present day time, but what did it mean? Was Penny searching for Desmond or something else entirely? Does she know what the island is or was she looking for something else entirely? I got to tell you, I'm not sure, could be any of these or something else entirely.

What happened to Eko and Locke?

-I have to assume they are alive, but I'm sure the experience will have changed them. I assume they're alive, b/c we still have no idea how Locke lost use of his legs.

Who will die this season?

-the writers have shown a 24 like disregard for characters lives killing off three main characters last season, I'd look for the death toll to rise. The only real question is who? My bet would be anyone who wanders too close to the Sawyer/Kate/Dr. Jack triangle. (See Ana Lucia, who messed with both Jack and Sawyer and then was shot by Michael.) Other then that I don't feel comfortable guaranteeing anyone's safety.

Oh man, I can't wait.

Until Next Time, hopefully I will soon be more consistent with my blogging about LOST!