Tuesday, October 3, 2006

LOST Season 3 preview

LOST starts Wednesday!!!

Big questions...

What will people say back at camp when they hear from Hurley about Sawyer, Kate, and Dr. Jack?

-Really don't know, can't wait to find out.

Are Sayid, Sun, and Jin going to save them quickly?

- I highly doubt it. I think they'll be with the Others for awhile.

Will Michael and Walt get away from the island?

-no chance in hell.

Follow up question, did Henry Gale lie about the route away or will it be for some other reason?

-you tell me.

What is going on in the world back home?

-we finally saw something off of the island in present day time, but what did it mean? Was Penny searching for Desmond or something else entirely? Does she know what the island is or was she looking for something else entirely? I got to tell you, I'm not sure, could be any of these or something else entirely.

What happened to Eko and Locke?

-I have to assume they are alive, but I'm sure the experience will have changed them. I assume they're alive, b/c we still have no idea how Locke lost use of his legs.

Who will die this season?

-the writers have shown a 24 like disregard for characters lives killing off three main characters last season, I'd look for the death toll to rise. The only real question is who? My bet would be anyone who wanders too close to the Sawyer/Kate/Dr. Jack triangle. (See Ana Lucia, who messed with both Jack and Sawyer and then was shot by Michael.) Other then that I don't feel comfortable guaranteeing anyone's safety.

Oh man, I can't wait.

Until Next Time, hopefully I will soon be more consistent with my blogging about LOST!

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