Friday, September 9, 2005

Josh's Choice For Best New Show of the Season

Here are the rules, if at all possible, five shows will get honored, one wins.  Sometimes there will be some honorable mentions.  The shows have to be on regular network, meaning NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, and WB or UPN, and the shows have to be in their first season.

This season, there are only three to get the honor (although I feel like if I ever get around to watching House, it might have a shot at a spot on here.)

So, for the inaugural award....

3. The Office

While it starts out as basically a rip-off of the far superior British version, there seems to be some hope that it will be able to find its own way soon and differentiate itself.  It was only 6 episodes, and, like I said, many of those were very blatant Americanized versions of the British series, it seems to have a lot of potential.

2. Veronica Mars

An outstandingly well written season long mystery, with great acting, humor, and suspense.  This show is beyond fantastic! Keeps you guessing, entertained, and enthralled.  A great mix of high school and noir.  I highly recommend it.

and the winner of the coveted Josh's Choice for Best New Show of the Season goes to...


I can't say enough about this show.  There is mystery, drama, horror, maybe some science fiction, and it has what I can only call religious themed undertones.  The pilot is unbelievable, and the show just continues to get better until its cliffhanger ending.  I watched it on DVD, and literally couldn't stop until I'd gone through the entire season.  I cannot wait until Season 2!