Wednesday, June 7, 2006

2nd Annual, Josh's Choice For Best New Show of the Season Award

Again, the rules are that only network shows are eligible...

This year we have a honorable mention...

Prison Break- FOX

Non-stop action and a brilliant premise.  Not quite sure where this show will go next, but this was certainly a fun ride.  It would have made the list, but there seemed to be quite a lot of place holding happening in the middle of the season that stretched credability a little bit and killed some of the momentum.  Still, a very fun show and one I look forward to keeping up with in the future.

Now, on to the top 5!

5. The Loop

Would easily be the best sitcom in quite some time, if there weren't two other sitcoms that placed higher on this very list.  Hilarious show, that is ridiculous, but at the same time has enough believability to make you completely identify with Sam's problems in the real world.  Love it!

4. My Name is Earl

Jason Lee is one of my favorite actors in the world, and he gets to showcase his comedic genius weekly with this show.  The premise is genius, and sets itself up for a long time of great storytelling.  As much as I love Jason Lee (and he is beyond brilliant in the show), the supporting characters really make the show.  Earl's brother Randy (played by Ethan Suplee, who like Jason Lee was also introduced to me by MallRats), Earl's ex-wife Joy (played to perfection by Jamie Presley), the Crab Man, and Catalina, all add so much character to the world and to the show as they attempt (mostly) to help Earl with his list.

3. How I Met Your Mother

This show was perfect from the very first moment.  It usually takes shows, especially comedies, some time to find their footing, but HIMYM does so right off the bat.  I identify so much with these characters, and know people just like each and every one of them.  Plus, the mystery is fun.  Who exactly is Ted's soul mate and how long until we meet her?

2. The Unit

The President is back, and he is kicking some butt as an elite soldier!  The action is great, but the combination of the home lives of their families who sort of know what it is their husbands do is really what makes this show work.  The cast is fantastic, and this show is certainly a keeper!  It's a great mix of eposodic action tv with a season long story that builds slowly, allowing your investment to grow along with it and with the connection you feel for the characters.

and the winner of the 2nd annual, Josh's choice for the best new show of the season award goes to...

1. Invasion

I can't believe that it got canceled.  Every week it just got better and better.  It was a perfect complement to LOST and a great character driven mystery in its own right.  I will own this on DVD, and always wonder what could have been for this fantastic show. 

Until Next Time, I guess it will have to take solace in the fact that it won this highly coveted award.