Friday, April 25, 2008

LOST The Shape of Things to Come, first thoughts

Well, LOST is back with a (literal) bang.

Some of the things that jumped out at me, the fact that the doctor is alive still on the ship, yet dead on the Island, and that Benry Gale asked for the date in Tunisia (and made sure to clarify that he was in the correct year).

Obviously time travel is going to play a huge role in (the shape of) things (to come).

Speaking of the title, it is taken from an H.G. Wells novel.  The book is written as a history book from the future, which just seems appropriate to LOST.

Onto the other things worth mentioning in the episode, it seems to me from the end scene that Widmore ran Dharma.  He says it was his Island and would be again.  We know that Benry killed off the Dhamra people and that could be what Widmore is referring to when he says that Benry stole the Island from him.

Apparently that is what caused the war between Benry and Widmore to begin, but it has definitely been notched up after Alex was killed.

I don't think that either Benry Gale or Charles Widmore are good guys, and personally I don't trust either of them.

Benry Gale, however, says that he's going to kill Penny in retribution for Charles killing Alex, and I just can't have that.  It made me wish I could call Desmond and warn him what Benry is up to.

At the same time, Charles says that Benry stole the Island from him (which I assume to mean from Dharma) but what Benry actually did was get the Island back for it's earlier (don't want to say original, there could have been even earlier ones) inhabitants, then called the Hostiles, now known as the Others.  Not to say that the way Benry went about it was right, but I have to disagree with Widmore saying that it's his Island (is anyone else reminded of Braveheart right now?)

Benry claimed that Alex was just a pawn while trying to keep her for getting shot, but it's becoming more clear to me that the Oceanic 6 (and probably everyone left on the Island) are the real pawns, being used in a battle between two sides, neither of which deserve to win.

Benry used Sayid's grief to play him quite easily, and at least now we know Sayid wasn't lying when he said he would lose his soul before he worked for Benry, quite clearly he lost everything when Nadia was killed.

Finally, how unbelievable was it that Benry can control the Smoke Monster?  Wow, that's impressive.

Until Next Time, I'm a little disappointed that it was the Freighter folk who killed Rousseau and Karl, but I guess it makes sense, they're blood thirsty maniacs, but did they just get lucky and not kill Alex or did they know that she was Benry's daughter all along?  If they did know, how in the world could they have found that out?

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