Thursday, April 17, 2008

LOST less Thursday Four, first thoughts

Next week......

LOST returns!

6 new episodes await us this season, only two less then we were originally promised this season.  (Those two episodes will be made up somewhere over the last two seasons.)

For the next month, we will get a new LOST each week.  Four straight new episodes.

Then, May 22nd, we will be LOST less once again.

But on May 29th, there will be a two hour Season Finale.

And there is nothing better then two hour LOST.

Other news on the LOST front, the show will be in a new time slot, the slot currently housed by Eli Stone.  9:00pm CST (10:00pm everywhere else), following Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.  (Don't worry, you don't have to watch those shows, that's what Smallville on CW and the NBC comedies are for, they'll lead you right up to LOST.)

Until Next Time, the title for the upcoming X-Files movie is, X-Files: I Want To Believe.  I call it, X-Files: I Want To See It Now, or X-Files: Scully's Still Hot (Josh Man Alternative Title).

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