Friday, April 4, 2008

LOST less Thursday Two, first thoughts

Well, it seems like it has been the thing to do to grade or rank the first eight episodes of the season.

Doc Jensen of did it.

Zap2it's LOST blogger did it (in two parts).

So today, I thought I would give my ranking and grades for the season thus far.

#8.  Eggtown.

Among one of the worst episodes in LOST history in my opinion.  Not even the Aaron Reveal could save it.  Pointless pretty much throughout, On Island and Off.  Better then Stranger in a Strange Land, the Dr. Jack Tatoo episode, but that's about it.  Even the Nicki and Paulo episode was better then this one.


#7. Ji Yeon

It was pretty good, and got some good discussion going.  Unlike some people, I didn't hate the one character flash back, one character flash forward, but it wasn't as strong an episode as it could have been.  Also it didn't give us complete closure on the Oceanic 6 as promised.


#6. Confirmed Dead

While much better at introducing new characters then in the past, I'm never a big fan of flashbacks from large numbers of characters, especially when those flashbacks don't involve each other.


#5. The Other Woman

They're all pretty good from here on out.  I liked this episode, and feel that it will be important to the overall story, and I liked getting the rest of the story on Juliet's time as an Other.  Plus it had the season's best line,

Dr. Jack: You had a therapist?
Juliet: It's stressful being an Other Jack.


#4. Meet Kevin Johnson

The Michael story line has always fascinated me (even if others don't like him as much) and I'm glad to have him back.  I was hoping for more Walt, but the way they worked it out made sense.  Since it was the ending episode before the unintended break, I had hoped for a little more of a intense note to end on, but I recognize this was not an intended break.


#3. The Beginning of the End

Hurley is always great, add to that that this was the return to the show after nine months and I can't complain about it at all.  Plus, Charlie was back.


#2. The Economist

Pretty much a brilliant episode all around.  It provided the best surprise of the season so far, that Sayid is working for Benry Gale in the future, and it had amazing act breaks.  (Seriously, I would use this episode in a class teaching how to write a dramatic episode for a television show.)


#1. The Constant

Simply put, BEST EPISODE EVER.  It was perfect in every way.  Is there anywhere else this episode would go on my list?  That was rhetorical, but the answer is no if you're wondering.


Until Next Time, there are other things in Doc Jensen's article worth talking about, but we've got plenty of time, so go ahead and give me your thoughts on the eps so far (grade or rank or both) if you so desire.

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