Monday, April 14, 2008

BSG Six of One, first thoughts

Another great episode, and the final season is off to a tremendous start.

A couple of things that I thought really interesting in this episode was the fact that Baltar saw imaginary Baltar this time instead of imaginary 6.

I now have no doubt that the Baltar (usually in Caprica's head) and the Caprica 6 (usually in Baltar's head) are more then imaginary, they are a real manifestation of something.  Obviously this seemed the case when we found out Caprica 6 had Baltar in his head, because it just seemed to great a coincidence, but now that the Baltar from her head has appeared in his as well, I can't find any other explanation.

Furthermore, I think that the 6 in Baltar's head and the Baltar in 6's head are actually the same thing, usually representing itself as Baltar to 6 and as 6 to Baltar.  Why?  Not sure yet.

The other thing that I found fascinating was the Cylon split.  Everytime we find out more about the Final 5 it is very interesting.  I wonder why the Cylons aren't supposed to even think about the Final 5.  And even more importantly, why they can ignore that programming and think about them anyway.

In my opinion, this is going to lead to the unboxing of Deanna (Lucy Lawless) by the new 6.  After all, she's the only one why knows who the Final 5 are.

Until Next Time, I also enjoyed that the Admiral decided to have faith in Starbuck, but the highlight line of the episode was no doubt when the President called him "Admiral Atheist".  Classic.

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