Thursday, April 10, 2008

LOST less Thursday Three, first thoughts

Well, we're getting closer to the return of LOST.  Last week I talked a little bit about the article by Doc Jensen, on page 2 of that article he matched my feeling about the ineffectiveness of the "cliffhanger" moment, the death of Karl and Rousseau.

Both of us agree that Rousseau, Karl, and Alex probably aren't important enough to hold the ending moment of a LOST episode (even if that one isn't the last episode for five weeks).

Both of us aren't buying the mystery of "unseen assailants".

Doc Jensen says, "I think LOST wants us to be debating if those are Others lurking in the bushes or freighter mercenaries.  But I never read it as an open question;"

I'm right there with ya, Doc, keep on preaching...

"I'm just assuming it is the freighter creeps."

Ye..., wait, what?  Did you just say you assumed it was the freighter folk?  Um, no, dude  (to borrow an honorific often bestowed by our friend Hurley) obviously it was the Others.

I wrote after the episode that I thought it was the Others, none of you disagreed, although some of you did comment that you were sure the evil Benry Gale was behind it as well.

Sure, the episode showed us the mercenaries, and at the end the helicopter was gone on mysterious business, you could argue that it was Frank taking the mercenaries to the Island, but why would they kill Karl and Rousseau?

That doesn't make any sense to me.  They're there to capture Benry Gale, that much we know, but why would they kill someone else?

If they were under orders to just kill anyone they came across, why didn't they kill Alex?  She would have been just as easy to hit as the other two with her.

No, it seems pretty obvious to me that Karl and Rousseau were intended targets.

Who would want them dead?

It wouldn't be the freighter folk, they just care about Benry.  Benry, himself, on the other hand, has wanted Karl out of the way pretty much the entire time they've both been on the show.

Remember what happens to pregnant women on the Island?  Do you think Benry Gale likes the idea that his "daughter" is cavorting with a teenage boy?

And then there's the fact that they've been a little estranged lately and part of that is the emergence of Alex's long lost mother.  Maybe if she loses her to "freighter folk" she'll go to her "father" to be consoled.

It seems clear to me that the only person to gain from this is Benry Gale, and we know that he can contact the Others somehow as he communicated his desires to Harper back in The Other Woman.

Sorry, Doc, got to disagree with you on this one.

Anyone else agree with Doc Jensen and his approved belief?

Until Next Time, there's only two more weeks until LOST returns.

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