Friday, April 4, 2008

All Along the Watchtower, People Get Ready for the Return of TV's Greatest Show

It's hard to feel too upset about no LOST last night when we're getting blessed with the return of Television's Greatest Show Tonight, Battlestar Galactica.

Here are the big questions heading into Season 4...

Who is the Final Cylon?

What is up with the return of Starbuck? Is she back from the dead? Did she not really die to begin with? Is she a Cylon?

Why did the four most recent Cylon's hear All Along The Watchtower?  (Is Bob Dylan a Cylon? There is a
similarity in the names, Dylan-Cylon, something to think about.  Just kidding, but weird nonetheless.)

Will they find Earth?

Why does Caprica 6 have a Baltar in her head and why does Dr. Baltar have a 6 in his head?

What is the importance of Hera?  And now that we know the Chief is a Cylon, is there something important about Nicky also or is only Hera important since she was the first Half Cylon/Half Human?

How did President Roslin's cancer come back and will it be cured or will the prophecy (think Moses, leading them to the promise land but not actually reaching it) finally be realized?

We are mere hours from finding out.

Until Next Time, tomorrow I will give you my first thoughts on the return of Television's Greatest Show.

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