Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eli Stone: Waiting For That Day, first thoughts

So, last night I watched the Sunday episode of Eli Stone (if you missed it, ABC ran the latest episode of Eli Stone on Sunday after Desperate Housewives, you can check it out at and despite being confused right off of the bat by Nathon Fillion being on my screen (having somehow missed that he was on Desperate Housewives, I love you Nathon, but I can't watch that show, even for you) I quickly got things figured out and was ready for a big episode of #4 on the list of Josh's Choice for Best New Show of the Season, Eli Stone.

When Eli gave Maggie the gift and Maggie told Eli that Scott (her fiance) was moving to San Fran, I immediately knew that he was the guy in the station wagon from Eli's vision.  That made me think of last Thursday's episode when Eli saw himself with Maggie in the ten year from now future.  He wondered what would happen to her and her fiance.  Now we know, he was supposed to die in that earthquake on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eli, of course, stopped that from happening, which begs the question, does that mean that he has changed his own future with Maggie?  I think that it does.

If I were writing the show, I would have a vision of Maggie and Scott together in the future that invalidates his vision of himself and Maggie in the future.  He would then realize that by saving Scott's life he changed his and Maggie's future.  He would then come to realize that he wanted that future that he saw.  That he wanted to be with Maggie and have a child with her.  And that he would have to make it happen himself if he wanted it.

Tomorrow is the Season Finale and hopefully not the Series Finale.  We don't know about the shows future as of yet.  There is obviously so much more that this show has to offer and hopefully it will return.

Until Next Time, tomorrow is LOST less Thursday #4 and it brings good news.  Not only is it the last Thursday without LOST until May 22nd, but also we have gotten word that we will be getting one more hour of LOST this season then we originally thought.

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