Monday, April 28, 2008

BSG Escape Velocity

It seems that a lot of people think that Friday's episode was slow, boring, and pointless.

I completely disagree.

It wasn't action packed as some episodes have been, sure, but it was necessary and plot packed.

The episode was about the new Cylons coming to terms with who and what they are.

Tory started it off last week killing Cally, and that action spurned the other two into a direction where they are coming to terms with their new understanding of why they are.

The death of Cally caused the Chief to regret his decision to leave Boomer, especially since he knows now that like Boomer he is a Cylon.  I don't think he had really accepted it until now.

Tigh was reminded of his wife dying (by his own hand).  He killed her because she had collaborated with the Cylons, but now he knows that he is a Cylon, meaning that she didn't have to die (or at least that it shouldn't have been by his hand.)

Each of them are coming to terms with their newly discovered identities, and that should lead to a change in their strategy soon.

For those who think that Six knew or recognized Tigh as a fellow Cylon in their shared scenes, I disagree.
She said to him that her brain was based on his, meaning Cylon brains were based on Human brains, and that they had figured out far more about the brain's abilities then human's had.  All of which means she thinks that he is human.  She doesn't realize that he is one of the Final Five.

Meanwhile, Baltar was pushed further towards his role as religious leader, and I do find this story line very intriguing, and can't wait to see where exactly it leads, but far more important is the reality of Invisible Six.
There is no way that Baltar (even in his diseased head) could pick himself up off of the floor like that.
Whatever the Six/Baltar being inside of the heads of Baltar and Six is, I don't think we can consider it imaginary anymore.

(I was already having a tough time doing so the moment I discovered that Six had an imaginary Baltar.)

Even more then the last Cylon, I think that is the question I want answered most.  What the frak is up with the Vision Baltar/Six.

Speaking of the Final Cylon, I think I know who it is.

Tom Zarek.

I actually have very little doubt.  Here's why.

1. He's certainly one of the most important characters not on the Last Supper photo.

2. He's the Vice President of the Fleet, but isn't really in the Roslin camp.  The Cylon's have the four we know about in important places, Tigh is Adama's right hand man, Tory is Roslin's closest confidant politically, Anders is along on the Starbuck mission, and the Chief (up until this week) was in charge of maintaining all of the ships, the humans best weapon against the Cylons.  Outside of Adama or Roslin (which would invalidate the need for Tigh or Tory) Zarek is in the most important position in the fleet, especially with Roslin dying.

3. His first name is Tom.  Seriously, that's my argument.  Think about it, what do we know about the newest four Cylons, what do they have in common?  Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel T. Anders, and Tory Foster.  First of all, why do we know Anders's middle initial at all?  Is it just a nod to Star Trek (after all, it could stand for Tiberius)?  Maybe, but I think it is also a clue.  Of the four we know, there are two whose last name starts with a t, one whose middle name starts with a t, and one whose first name starts with a t, I think ultimately it will be two whose first names start with a t, two whose last names start with a t, and one whose middle name starts with a t.  Not that I think they'll make a big deal of the T thing or that it has any meaning, but I do think that it is a clue pointing to Tom Zarek.  If we find out Felix's middle name starts with a t, though, I might switch to him.

Until Next Time, next weeks episode looks good, I always enjoy Leoben and Starbuck scenes.

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