Thursday, March 20, 2008

LOST Meet Kevin Johnson, predictions

Big episode of LOST tonight, the last for over a month.  We get to learn a little about where Michael has been and what he's been up to, which is exciting.

We also lose someone tonight according to the previews, so the big question is, "Who will die?"

If you've been keeping up with my LOST posts, you should know where I'm going to fall on this one.

My Dharma paycheck is on Claire.

I just don't see anyway that she and Aaron are separated unless she's dead.  Don't get me wrong, I'll miss her, but maybe she can get a ghost like Charlie apparently had in "The Beginning of the End" and they can be happy again.

I'm betting that they make it seem like Jin is going to die first, though.  Because they showed his grave site last week, a lot of people are predicting a Jin death.  Doc Jensen of has Jin's odds at 5-2, second only to Carl.  A Carl death wouldn't surprise me, but it also wouldn't be worth the hype, so I'm not considering him a possibility.  His reason for it not being Claire is the emotion and drama involved in Kate trying to reunite Aaron with his real mother on the Island.  How is that better then Sun trying to reunite herself to her husband and introduce her baby to her husband?  Jin staying alive makes more sense and provides more emotion and drama then Claire staying alive.  And the fact that we saw his grave means absolutely nothing, since the grave said he died on Sept 22, 2004 and we already know that that is a lie, why wouldn't his death be a lie as well.

The other thing I'm predicting for this episode is that Michael is the man in the coffin from Dr. Jack's flash forward in last season's finale.  If the episode doesn't tell us that right out, I'm thinking that it will give some big arguments towards that theory being correct.

Until Next Time, thank goodness for Tivo, as I can take an hour long brake from Basketball for LOST and then come right back to it, right where I left off.

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