Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST Ji Yeon, first thoughts

Alright, I'm a little upset, not gonna lie, but we were told after this episode we would be completely sure who the Oceanic 6 actually are.  Well, I'm only completely sure on 5 of them.  I suppose that this means we have to assume that Aaron is number 6, but it would have been nice to get confirmation of this since we were supposed to be sure after this episode.

The five we know for sure, without question, are Dr. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and Sun.  It looks like Aaron has to be number 6, as he would have been rescued with the rest of them, even if he didn't actually have a ticket on the flight.  Other possibilities include Benry Gale, who could easily have assumed the identity of someone who actually did die in the crash.  Although since we are pretty sure that he has ways to get off of the Island whenever he wants I doubt that he would want the notoriety of being one of the Oceanic 6, as he seems to like to work in anonymity.  Desmond is currently off of the Island, and if I were him I wouldn't let them make me go back, which lends credence to them faking an identity for him to make him one of the Oceanic 6, but if that were the case, I think that perhaps Desmond would have shown up with Hurley at the end of Ji Yeon and been called some other name in order to tell us for sure that was the case.  Michael is off of the Island, and was actually on the boat, but it doesn't seem that he wants anyone there to know it, so I don't see why he would change his story now, it looks like he is simply Kevin Johnson from here on out. 

Therefore, I'm going to have to go with Aaron as Oceanic 6 member number 6.  See, that was an awful lot of work when we were told that we'd be sure after this episode.

However, I did like the episode over all.  I liked the flashforward/flashback effect that they did.  I began to get suspicious when I saw Jin's cell phone which was old and clunky.  I had said that we might get a scene off of the Island that we would be led to believe was a flash forward, only to find out at the end it was a flashback.  That turned out to be the case on Jin's scenes off of the Island.

At the end, when Sun and Hurley go to visit Jin's grave, the headstone shows that Jin died on Sept. 22, 2004.  That is the day of the crash, so Jin supposedly died in the crash.  (Which if I were the press and did the math on Sun's pregnancy, I'd want to know who the father was, since it couldn't possibly have been Jin, as he supposedly died about a month before Sun conceived.  Just saying.)  We already know that the 6 are lying about things, claiming only 8 people survived the crash, and only 6 of those survived on the Island.  And we already know that Jin didn't die in the crash, so I'm led to believe that Jin is actually still alive on the Island, and isn't actually dead.

A few weeks ago, I claimed that Claire would have to be dead, because I couldn't see any reason that she would let herself be separated from Aaron.  I still believe that to be true.  Jin, however, I could see letting himself be separated from Sun if he knew it would mean that Sun and the baby would live.  He would sacrifice his ability to leave the Island if it meant that Sun and the baby would get off, and therefore wouldn't both die.  I have no doubt that this is what will happen.

After all, LOST has a penchant for ironic statements in the episodes.  A few weeks ago, Sayid claimed he would never trust Benry, then we find out that he's working for him.  The week after that, Kate says she never wants to care for a baby when asked to pick up Aaron, later we find out she's calling Aaron her son.  This week, Jin says to Juliet, "I go where Sun goes."  I think we'll find out that he lets Sun go and stays behind in order to save her life.

Well, whatever we can and can't be sure of, one thing that I think we can be sure of is this, I was wrong about who is in the casket from the Season 3 finale.  It can't be Sawyer.  Instead, I'm changing my opinion to Michael.

There has already been speculation of Michael due to the fact that the viewing was held in a black neighborhood, but what I think settles it is the fact that while we don't recognize the name on the newspaper clipping that Dr. Jack reads to find out about the funeral, and we don't know the name Kevin Johnson either.  If you change your name once, what's to keep you from changing it again to Jo-  -antham (what we could read of the name from the funeral clipping)?

Until Next Time, I'm really looking forward to next weeks episode, which I'm assuming will be a Michael-centric episode answering how he became Benry's Man on the Boat.

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