Thursday, March 6, 2008

LOST The Other Woman, thoughts as I had them

I thought we'd do something a little different this week.  Here are my thoughts as I had them during tonight's episode...

LOST The Other Woman

Juliet episode.  Flash Forward or Flash Back?

Flash back, she’s with the Others.  I liked that they made you think she was one of the 6 somehow.  Good to see Friendly again.

C.S. Lewis and Faraday headed into the jungle and Sun and Jin start to find out all is not as it seems with the “rescuers”.  Good to see that the whispers are back, did you notice the smoke was there also?

Okay, so the psychiatrist (Harper) must be like Richard, one of the few original inhabitants perhaps, non-aging and connected to the whispers and smoke, able to appear seemingly out of nowhere as Richard did to Benry in the episode with the Purge.

Ah, of course, the masks.  They must be from Dharma here to pay back the inhabitants for the Purge.  That would explain why they want him, if they know he was responsible for the Purge.  And apparently “the Tempest” is able to release gas throughout the Island.  That must be how Benry did it the first time.

Goodwin and her get together, which we know from a previous Juliet flashback, but he was married to Harper, that is very interesting.

The Tempest is an electrical station that powers the Island.  That’s news.  I’ll throw in last year’s season finale to see if Richard was told to go to the temple or the Tempest after the episode.

Kate is headed back to Dr. Jack, but runs into Faraday and C.S. Lewis.  Have Lewis and Kate met?  I’m pretty sure we weren’t shown them meeting.

“You people had therapists?”
“It was very stressful being an Other, Jack.”

I’m uncomfortable with Benry making a move on Juliet.  Damn he’s perceptive though.  I’m not even sure if Goodwin and Juliet know they have something going on yet, but Benry Gale has already figured it out.

Harper said, “You look just like her” in regards to why Benry Gale is so nice to her.  Apparently Goodwin and Juliet have figured out how they feel about each other.  Did Benry know that Ana Lucia would kill Goodwin?  Did he plan that like King David to get Bathsheba?  Is Goodwin Uriah?

“All Charlie said was who’s boat it isn’t.  Don’t you want to know whose boat it is?”

Harper told Juliet that Benry was right where he wanted to be.  Benry says he always has a plan.  David and Bathsheba, I’m telling you.  “What’s Ben gonna do?”  Send you to get killed by Ana Lucia, that’s what.

Kate and Dr. Jack reunited (and it feels so good).

Back to New Otherton, let’s see what Benry’s secret is. 

36 15 28 

Benry lies again?  Or are Penny and her father at odds?  Do they each know that the other is also searching for the Island?  Why is Widmore doing the dirty work of beating a guy up himself?

Locke asks for the man on the boat, it’s gotta be Michael.

Benry creeps me out.  Juliet doesn’t like you, man.  And what the hell is your deal with her anyway.  Who does she look like?  Annie?

We need to know more about the list.  How is it made?  What does it mean?

Benry knows Goodwin is going to die.

What station is it?  Orchid?  Or is the name of the station Tempest?

If the Purge came from a Dharma station, how did the Others (Hostiles to the Dharma types) get there and release the gas?  Benry was just a work man.  Did they have some one else on the inside?

So they were trying to take the weapon away from Benry Gale.  Has that man ever told the truth?  Even once?

He’s not denying it.  He meant for Goodwin to be killed.

“You’re mine.”  Damn, he’s a bastard.

Take that, Kate.  I think I like Juliet better.

Horseshoes?  Seriously?  Locke is losing them.  He had to know that they wouldn’t be cool with Benry Gale being let loose.  This is no doubt part of Benry's plan also.  Not only is he out of the basement, but he's fracturing Locke's hold on these people as well.

Preview for next week...

Damn.  I was wrong.  Sun and Jin are the last two.  But wait, I think it’s a throw off.  I think I’m right.  Michael will be back at the end of the episode next week.  I guarantee it.

Until Next Time, I'll check out the episode from last season to see if The Tempest and The Temple are actually the same thing.  If so though, why weren't the Others there?  Tomorrow I'll hit you up with the normal "first thoughts" post, but this way you know where those thoughts come from, they'll just be better formed into a theory or some cohesive sort of thing.  Good episode.

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