Wednesday, March 5, 2008

LOST Eggtown reveal discussed some more and other LOST thoughts

I've already stated that I wasn't a big fan of the episode Eggtown (especially considering how great The Economist was the week before and the fact that I believe The Constant the week after was the best LOST episode ever), but I suppose we need to take a look at the ramifications of the supposed shocker ending as was brought up to me by a friend in response to my last LOST post.

Back in season 1, in the episode "Raised By Another", Claire was told by the psychic Richard Malkin that she had to raise the baby herself because her goodness must influence the baby.  She refuses to listen, but finally decides to take his advice when he apparently has changed his mind and tells her there is a couple in Los Angeles who can care for the as yet unnamed Aaron.  She is given a ticket on Oceanic Flight 815 and told that it can be no other flight.  Claire wonders at the end of the episode (as do we) whether the psychic knew that the flight would crash and she would be forced to raise the baby herself.

However, in the season 2 episode, "?", Eko is researching a supposed miracle involving the daughter of Richard Malkin.  During Eko's investigation, Malkin admits to Eko that he is a fraud and not a genuine psychic.

So, which are we to believe?  Is Richard Malkin a psychic as reported in Claire's flashback of him or a fraud as reported in Eko's flashback?

I think that this is an important question, because if he is a psychic, and was therefore correct in asserting that Claire needed to raise Aaron, then we have a serious problem in the future considering that Aaron is being raised by another, Kate.  Especially if it is imperative that Claire's goodness influence Aaron.  While I like Kate, I don't think you could make the argument that she has the same inherent goodness as Claire.  Sure, she's had reasons for doing the things that she's done, and I wouldn't consider her evil, but she has committed evil deeds, and therefore, I doubt she fits the bill for the inherent goodness necessary in raising Aaron.

Things we've learned since then actually support the idea that Malkin was a psychic and did foresee something which made him believe that Claire had to raise the baby herself.  If he had that vision (or flash akin to Desmond's visions of the future) then he would have seen a catastrophe caused by someone other then Claire raising the baby.  But we learned in the season 3 episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes" from Ms. Hawking that the universe has a way of course correcting.  Therefore, if Malkin did foresee Aaron being raised by another, despite his attempt to change that future by putting Claire on a plane destined to crash on the Island, the universe will in the future course correct to make sure that Aaron is raised by someone else (Kate), and most likely that isn't a good thing.

Anyway, these are some of the thoughts I had about the reveal that Kate would be raising Aaron as her own in the future.  Thanks Adriane for bringing the issue up.

One other little thing to think about, I read that we'll know the entire Oceanic 6 by the end of episode 7 of this season.  That's the episode next week.  Assuming (which is always dangerous as the very same Adriane who inspired this post once pointed out in Chemistry 2 back in high school) that we are only aware of 4 of the 6, Dr. Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid, that Aaron doesn't count because he didn't actually have a ticket on the plane, and that Benry Gale isn't one of the 6 by having taken over a dead passengers identity.  Assuming all of that, we would have two members of the Oceanic 6 still left to discover.

Based on the previews for tomorrow's episode, I think that it will be a Juliet episode.  I don't believe that she is one of the Oceanic 6 either (as she wasn't on the plane).  Therefore, I am going out on a bit of a limb to predict that the last two will both be identified in next weeks episode.  This leads me to believe that they are connected, which narrows it down considerably.

Of the people left on the Island, the only twosomes would be Sun and Jin or Rose and Bernard.  I think that we can safely eliminate Rose and Bernard partly because they are technically supporting characters and also because Rose believes if she leaves the Island, her cancer will return.  Sun and Jin make sense, because they are in the Dr. Jack "please rescue us" group, and Sun believes that she will die due to her pregnancy if she doesn't get off the Island adding some incentive for their wanting (and needing) to leave.

So, Sun and Jin would make sense whereas Rose and Bernard wouldn't, but I'm not going to pick either of those twosomes as my guess for the last two members of the Oceanic 6.  No, my prediction for the last two members is actually Michael and Walt.

Forgot about them, didn't you.  A large part of me thinks that it is possible that Michael is also Benry Gale's man on the freighter.  After all, Frank left the Island on the helicopter on a bearing of 305.  Benry Gale sent Michael out on a heading of 315.  It doesn't seem impossible that Michael and Walt ran into the freighter coming in.

The biggest reason I have this belief is that Harold Perrineau

Of course, we could find out tomorrow night that I'm completely off base, but at the moment I'm feeling pretty good about this prediction.

Until Next Time, hit me up with your thoughts on who the last of the Oceanic 6 are.

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