Friday, March 21, 2008

LOST Meet Kevin Johnson, first thoughts

Well, I loved it.

Welcome back Michael, but more importantly, welcome back LIBBY!!!!  The first time we've seen her since the Season 2 finale (also the last time we had seen Michael until last week.  Coincidence? I don't know.)  I'm glad to see her again, giving me hope that we'll get more of her in the future and answers to many questions (such as why was she in the mental hospital with Hurley).

Great episode, especially for the love to hate him Benry Gale.  Right when you start to think that maybe he actually is the good guy, he kills off his "daughter"'s boyfriend and (in a shocking moment, making up for the annoyance I felt when I thought Carl was going to be the foretold death) her mother.  Yes, I think that Benry Gale was behind the death of Carl and Rousseau.

The big question is who is behind the faked Oceanic 815?  (I'm afraid that the time has come to accept that the plane at the bottom of the ocean is not a duplicate plane due to alternate dimensions as many of us hoped, but is in fact a fake).  Was it put there by Benry Gale (as the freighter captain told us last week) or by Charles Widmore (as Tom Friendly told us this week)?  My money is on Benry Gale, because I just don't trust him at all.

Even though I don't trust him at all, I don't doubt that it's possible that he is doing the things he is doing for the side of good, but that doesn't change the fact that I think even if the Others are the good guys, Benry Gale is pure evil.

Of course, we'll have five weeks to argue about it.

Speaking of the great Tom Friendly, I was glad to know that he had a little time to indulge himself before heading back to the Island to be killed by Sawyer.

How awesome was the irony of Sayid turning Michael in for working for Benry Gale when we know in the future that Sayid himself will also be working for Benry Gale.

Well, the previews for the next new episode (five long weeks from today) confirmed that Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6 as well as hinted towards my theory that Claire is not long for this world is also true.

Michael clearly wants to die and I don't think that he's going to feel resolved of his sins due to how this whole freighter thing has gone, leading me to think that he'll try to kill himself and succeed sometime in the future resulting in his completely unattended funeral in Dr. Jack's season 3 flash-forward.

Speaking of suicide and Dr. Jack, apparently we know now why Dr. Jack was unable to jump from the bridge in his dark and drunken future, the Island wouldn't let him.  Very interesting.

Well, I'm sure that I'll have more on the eight episodes we've seen so far in between now and the next episode (did I mention that it is five looooong weeks away?).

Until Next Time, despite my LOST predictions not doing that well, I did go 15-1 in my first day picks of the NCAA Tournament.

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