Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News First?

I suppose that the question is actually rhetorical considering that by the time you read the title, I'll already have written the post and therefore have also already made the decision on whether I will proceed with the good news or the bad news and follow with the other.

Let's start with the bad news since that way we can end the post on a positive note (sorry if you chose the other way around, like I said the title was rhetorical.)


That's right, everyone's favorite post apocalyptic most of America has been nuked type of show has been canceled.  Again.  Luckily there are so many other shows of this type for us to fall back on... oh wait, you mean this is one of the most original shows in the history of television?

Yes, it is, and I have no doubt that many of my readers have never seen it (hence the second canceling in as many seasons) despite it being second on last year's Josh's Choice for Best New Show of the Year list, but that is their loss.  Unfortunately the low ratings due to the fact that most people haven't seen it is resulting in its canceling which is a huge loss to those of us that have watched this outstanding show.

Of course, there is small hope that someone else will take a chance on this show with its small but fiercely loyal fans, after all it was canceled last year too and we still got seven episodes this year thanks to the rabid fans.  Surely some cable network would be interested in getting some loyal viewers.  (Are you listening SciFi?  The show would be perfect on your network, and Battlestar is coming to an end this year.)

Which brings me to the good news (see aren't you glad we did it this way, it led to a perfect segue.)


That's right, CAPRICA, the prequel to the best show on television ever (with the possible exception of The Wire which I'm about to start watching on the magic of Netflix, but haven't seen yet so I can't say for sure which truly deserves the title, sad though that they both end this year) has been greenlit, so even though we're losing BSG, we will still have stories set in that world.  With Adamas.  I can't wait.

Also in the good news category, it appears that Scrubs will in fact be returning, but on ABC, according to Variety.  Also in that article is the long rumored, but still unofficial news that FNL (last year's Josh's Choice for Best New Show of the Year winner) will be back next season with some help from DirecTv, that would be among the best news possible.

Until Next Time, I'm back to CBS (despite their canceling one of my favorite shows) for some more March Madness.

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