Friday, March 28, 2008

LOST less Thursday One, first thoughts

Well, week one without LOST.  I feel different, somehow incomplete.  We will try to soldier on regardless.  (Although as the Killers say, "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier").

The good news about no LOST last night is that I got to watch Reaper as it aired a new episode instead of a few days later due to the magic of DVR.  Of course, just as this show is getting outstanding we hear about the possibility of it not coming back next season (although I think it's chances are pretty good at getting a second season, my fingers are crossed).  Last night's episode was among the best.  I clapped in excitement when Sam and Andi kissed (what can I say, I'm a romantic, at least as long as said romanticism occurs in a SciFi or Fantasy setting), but I got most excited by the fact that Andi finally has an inkling that something strange is going on in Sam's world (his parents sold his soul to the Devil and he has to work for him now, yeah, that classifies as strange alright).  If you recall from my review of the premiere of Reaper, my main concern with it was it's portrayal of the female characters despite being a show created by females.  If you don't recall, feel free to reread that post right here.  Well, that has definitely become less of an issue as the show has continued, thanks mainly to the great character development of Andi, but I still think it is high time to get a female on this Scooby Squad (to steal a nickname of demon fighting friends from Buffy).

Also, I dug the next door neighbors of our heroes.  Those two guys are awesome and the demophobic storyline was classic.

"You stopped hanging out with us because we're gay, didn't you, Sam?"
"No, not that.  It's because you're demons.  Have you eaten anyone recently?"
"That is offensive.  We don't have to listen to this."


Despite there being no new LOST last night, there was a new Eli Stone, another show that has gotten progressively better as it continued (especially last weeks episode which I'll get to in a minute).  Last night's episode was the second this week allowing a pop star with a tendency toward tabloid troubles* to show off their acting chops, and it was the second this week where said pop star (Britney in How I Met Your Mother and George Michael last night on Eli Stone) greatly impressed me.

"Another thing that Bono and I have in common, we're both visible."

Last night also provided me with the opportunity to do something I had been wanting to give a try for some time, the Recap as viewed at such sites as Television Without Pity or my personal favorite Zap2It.  Normally, I just give my views on the episode, but the fine bloggers at these sites (as well as some of the other people who cover LOST) instead give a recap of the episode, catching you up if you missed it, and possibly pointing out something you missed even if you watched it.  I like the idea and secretly wanted to give it a try myself, but had never quite gotten around to it.  Then, last night, I got a Facebook message from a friend who had missed the first 22 minutes of the episode.  Ah hah, I thought to myself, I can do a 22 minute recap to sort of ease myself into the recap writing process, see if I'm any good at it or not (I'm not) in order to catch my friend (dear, little friend, who if she studies really hard can become a Eli Stone alum like me) (okay, maybe Xanga isn't the place for inside jokes such as the one inside of the parenthesis before these, but I couldn't resist) up.  So, I used said trusty DVR and recapped the first 22 minutes and replied on a Facebook message (seriously, how did I communicate before Facebook?  It is entirely possibly that I never had a conversation before the invention of Facebook.  I'm a little addicted to Facebook) with the missing 22 minutes.  While I feel that I did an adequate job, I discovered that it is not my passion.  I would much rather talk about the episode with the understanding that those reading my post have already seen said episode so that together we can dig a little deeper into the meaning.

That being said, I want to do that a little bit with last week's episode of Eli Stone, the one where Eli had the vision of the Earthquake that never happened.  I would have talked about it last week, but we had the whole Michael is back on LOST thing, so we'll talk about it now.

But we are all pretty sure that it isn't.  So, the question becomes, what was the point of getting all of those poor people kicked out of their homes?  What was the point of getting Eli to become unethical?  (Even when he was fighting for the side of injustice before the whole aneurysm thing, he was at least doing it ethically.)

I think that it was just to get Patty back in that church.

While Eli and Patty were talking in the church, Patty mentioned she hadn't been in there for some time, but everything that had just happened had gotten her to go back.

I personally really dig the idea of that.

I also like that the episode didn't spell it out for you what the point of the visions were in this episode.  It seems to me that if there were a modern day prophet in this sort of situation, things like this would be the norm, not a Dragon to represent Dr. Agon. (Although, that is pretty funny when you think about it.)

Until Next Time, only four more weeks.

*always about adding alliteration

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