Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doctor Who, A Good Man Goes to War, first thoughts

So, SPOILERS and all that...


My exact words for the pertinent point...

Here's an interesting thought, considering that Amy's last name is Pond, a body of water, what if River (also water related, hmmm) is actually the daughter of Amy Pond?

I don't know.  Seems plausible though, doesn't it?  There is clearly something hugely (no pun intended this time) important about the baby in Amy's belly.
 I expanded on it the next week, with more theory I know really believe to be likely since the first part was confirmed...

What if the little Time Lord is the daughter of River and the Doctor.  And, as I postulated last week, River is the daughter of Amy and Rory.  Meaning that the picture Amy saw was a picture of the little Time Lord's mother as a baby.  River Song, as an infant, in the arms of her mother (the Little Time Lord's Grandmother), Amy Pond.
I do so like to look smart.

For those believing that the girl in the Impossible Astronaut suit/ the little Time Lord is actually River, that doesn't work at all, because then River would have known what was going on in the first two episodes, and certainly wouldn't have shot at herself as she walked away after killing the Doctor.  Go back and watch that scene, River had no idea that was about to happen.  River is not the girl in the astronaut suit.

It can, however, be River's daughter, since River never saw the face of the girl, and wouldn't think to mention that she and the Doctor have a daughter, since that would be "Spoilers, sweetie."

What a fantastic finale (of sorts).  Very big feeling episode, even if I did guess at the reveal long before it happened.

The second Amy's daughter was said to be "Melody Pond," I knew it was River.  After all, River=Pond and Song=Melody.

I still think that there is more to "The only water in a forest is a River."  Sure, it explains how to get from Pond to River, but I think it also harkens back to River being in the computer at the Library, also known as the Forest.

Now that the Doctor knows exactly who she is, don't you think he'll find someway to save her?  I do.

This eye-patch lady is clearly bad news, and I look forward to the Doctor giving her what for at some point in the future.

What is scary is that while the first try for a weapon to fight the Doctor, Melody Pond/River Song, is unsuccessful, it appears to me that they try again with the daughter of River and the Doctor, our little Time Lord from Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.

That kind of behavior simply cannot stand.

The other thing that I loved about this episode was the payoff on the depth and development of Rory.  He is a full and awesome companion in his own right, and probably the best male companion since Jamie from way back with the Second Doctor.

Good stuff.

Well, quite some time until the next episode.  Autumn is after summer, huh?

Until Next Time, here are some BBC videos on the big reveal...

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