Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Ready for Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song

If you haven't already checked out my first thoughts on Saturday's penultimate episode of the season, you can do so here

In the mean time, a few more things on everyone's favorite Time Lord as we get ready for the series 6 (season 32) finale,

The Wedding of River Song

First, Dr. James McGrath, author of the newly released book Religion and Science Fiction (which is on my Kindle and awaiting some free time so I can dive into it) is available, wrote a recent post on some of the recent questions posed by Doctor Who and some of the possible answers.  Click here to check that post out.

And second, the BBC has released a prequel to the final episode.  I have embedded it below for your convenience.

I can't wait!

Until Next Time, I'll see you here after the episode Saturday night!

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