Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts on the Death of Wonder Woman

The TV show, anyway.

NBC passed on the pilot, and given that every other network passed on the show pre-pilot, the hopes of a Wonder Woman television show airing in the fall are now over.

My feelings are conflicted.  For one thing, I really thought that Adrianne Palicki would do an outstanding job as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and am sad that her time as the Amazon warrior is already over.

On the other hand, David E. Kelley's take actually sounded pretty terrible, and I never thought that he was a good fit for the person to guide the stories of this character.  (Too bad we never got that Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie, because he actually would be the perfect person to tell her story, but he's kind of tied up with Marvel right now, in case you hadn't heard.)

I also am sad that there won't be a DC comic character gracing our small screen next season.  Smallville, a retelling of the beginnings of Superman, just aired its series finale and Human Target (also based on a DC comic) has been canceled by FOX.

We are in a time when it seems we needed Wonder Woman, but I'm not sure that I blame NBC for their decision.

After all, most of the reports coming out of the show were negative, and if David E. Kelley was spinning Wonder Woman as one of his typical confused and quirky females (see Ally McBeal), I'm not sure that we would have been getting a worthy version of Wonder Woman anyway.

Maybe after this failure the project will land in the care of someone else and we can get the Wonder Woman television show that we do deserve.  Or somebody can just give us The Question.

Until Next Time, if someone else does give a new Wonder Woman show a shot, I hope they give Adrianne another shot at the character.  I stand by the belief that she would have been terrific.

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