Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doctor Who, The Curse of the Black Spot, first thoughts

Amy Pond, Pirate
 As always, spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet...

So, Pirates!

Arrrgh, and such.

Let me start by saying that I did enjoy the episode, it was fun.  The twists were classic (I loved the Doctor continually realizing his theory was off after receiving new information, very much like this series is treating us, I'm sure our theories will also get continually revised. If you watched LOST, I'm sure you understand.)

However, one thing really bothered me, and I wonder if it is just a scene that got cut for time, but the pirate that the Captain's son cuts to keep him at his post (the pirate at the far right of the picture above) just disappears after that. When the storm was raging and Rory and Amy were attempting to furrow sails or whatever it is sailors do I was wondering where the other experienced sailor happened to be, because we never saw the Siren take him.  A little annoying.

Again, I assume that there was a scene showing his fate that got cut for time, and we'll probably see it on the DVD release, but it took me out of the episode some.

The other thing that sort of bothered me, but at the same time didn't really surprise me, was how trusting the Doctor was with these supposedly bloodthirsty pirates.

I can buy that they weren't showing themselves as particularly bloodthirsty or menacing under the circumstances, their entire crew had been picked off one by one in less than a week, but that doesn't change who they fundamentally are.

Captain Avery might be different at heart, and the Doctor, I believe, recognized that, but the point remains, that the Captain had gunned down hundreds if not thousands of innocents as a pirate.  Mysteriously disappearing pirate even makes that clear to Toby, Avery's son.

And yet, the Doctor gives the Pirates a space ship to menace all of the galaxy.  Not sure that was the Doctor's best move ever.

But, I still can kind of believe he would do it.  He believes in people, sees the best in them, and there is good in Avery, I believe, perhaps brought out further by his son, but that doesn't mean there is good in the rest of the crew, and now they are all aboard that space ship, and I have to wonder if the good Captain Avery can keep the bloodthirsty lot in line as they traverse the stars.

Something tells me we'll be seeing these pirates again.

Those two quibbles aside, like I said, it was a fun episode.  I loved the twists throughout, and the explanation for the Siren.  Good stuff.

Plus, in the background, we were given a few more hints that all is not what it might have seemed.

There was the return of strange eye patch lady who can apparently open windows from where (when) she is to wherever (whenever) Amy is.  Last week we saw her in the orphanage, conveniently peering out of the door that would turn out to be where the Little Time Lord was staying.

This week, she looked in on them while they were in the magazine, in the center of the ship!

Let the speculation begin on who she is, and where she is watching from.

Is Amy kept captive somewhere and reliving these experiences?  Is all of this somehow a dream in Amy's head while she is captive (I really hope not)?  Are they somehow in Amy's mind watching from inside?

I don't know, but I am sufficiently intrigued since they are appearing this season with more regularity thus far then the crack had last year.

The other thing that struck me as significant was that Rory seemed to be brought back to life by some other means than Amy's less than effective CPR.  She and the Doctor had given him up.  He laid there after they had given up for quite some time.  I believe something else revived him, not Amy.

Something else is going on, something that has the power to completely escape the notice (or at least the knowledge) of the Doctor (because he does seem to know something is off kilter, but I don't believe he has any idea of what).

Whatever it was that brought Rory back from near death might also be what is somehow messing with Amy's body, keeping her simultaneously pregnant and not pregnant, confusing the Doctor and his scanners.

Or, of course, in a few weeks it could all turn out to be something completely different and I will return saying, "Ignore all my previous theories!"

As for episodes from the past to watch this week, I highlight, just for fun, a classic storyline featuring the Doctor and Pirates, The Pirate Planet, the second story from Season 16, which was the Key to Time series; the entire season had an overarching story line where the fourth Doctor and Romana are seeking out pieces of a powerful artifact.  The Pirate Planet is about a planet that has been turned into a pirate ship.  It was written by Douglas Adams, best known as author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the episode features his signature humor as well.  Check it out, it is on Netflix instant viewing.

Until Next Time, speaking of Sci-fi writers writing Doctor Who episodes, Neil Gaiman's episode is next week, and apparently we will meet the Doctor's mother!  In an episode entitled The Doctor's Wife!  Should be fun!

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