Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOST The Little Prince, first thoughts

As always SPOILERS if you aren't caught up....

First of all I wanted to say...


To all who doubted my guarantee that Jin was not in fact dead but alive and out in the ocean near the Island somewhere, I gladly accept your shock and awe at my prediction being proven true.

I also knew that tonight's episode would feature Danielle Rousseau, although I was expecting it to be a much larger role rather then just a reintroduction.  The reason I was not at all shocked to see Rousseau was because of tonight's title, The Little Prince.

For those of you who don't know, The Little Prince is a hugely popular children's book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery who is French (shocker, I know, you never would have guessed that from his name.)  Because of that, I anticipated that we would finally get the back story on everyone's favorite crazy lady.

Now, if you want some in depth analysis on the book and why it might relate to LOST, well Doc Jensen has you covered on that, so feel free to read his thoughts from prior to last night's episode airing.

On to the episode, going with The Little Prince motif, the wreckage from Rousseau's ship shows that the name of her ship was Besixdouze, which in French translates to B 6 12, which is the asteroid that the titular character from The Little Prince is from.

Also of interest in the episode, the side of Benry's van says Rainier-Canton.  Ah a LOST anagram moment, let's see if we can figure out what it may mean.  Ah hah, Reincarnation.  Interesting.  Remember that this same van held the dead body of John Locke just a couple of episodes back.  Something to think about.

So, C.S. Lewis is suffering from what Faraday is calling extreme jet-lag and he says that it is worse for those with longer connections to the Island.  We've seen Charlotte have it the worst, leading much credence to the "She was born on The Island" theory.  Next we saw the nose bleed strike Miles.  All the proponents of the "Marvin Candle/et al is Miles's daddy" theory probably gave a huzzah.  (And incidentally gained me to their side.  I definitely now believe that not only was Miles also born on the Island, but the baby we saw in the premiere with Marvin Candle/et al is going to grow up to be Miles.)  Then we saw the nose bleed strike Juliet who has been on The Island for a few years due to her status as an Other.  But it is important that both Charlotte Staples Lewis and Miles the Ghostbuster got the symptoms first showing that they both have a closer connection to The Island (i.e. they were born there).  The fact that Juliet also got a nose bleed bodes poorly for our castaways however.   It is now only a matter of time until they are also affected by the extreme jet lag caused by time shifting.  As Sawyer so eloquently points out, "Time Travel's a bitch."

Moving on to off-Island.  I have to say I'm shocked at the extreme pace that the O6 storyline is moving along at.  We've already got practically everyone together and those that aren't easily could be by the next episode.  We were given an answer on how easy it might be to get Hurley out of jail, Sun is right there with Aaron (she'll just have to be convinced that Jin is still alive), Walt lives in LA, and Desmond is headed there as we speak.  I thought that it would be a season long endeavor to get the O6 et al together to travel back, now I'm not so sure that it won't happen much sooner.  Of course, then figuring out how to get back to the Island might still present a problem.

Overall it was an interesting episode in that it answered a crap load of questions.  How are we getting Hurley out of jail (Benry's got a lawyer already on it).  Who was trying to get Aaron from Kate (Benry and that same lawyer, who by the way was the dad on My So Called Life, I loved that show, he also appeared on this week's 24, glad to see him on good tv shows again).  What happened to Jin (exactly what I said happened to him, which I predicted only moments after last season's finale by the way, go ahead, look it up.  The only part I didn't nail was who would pick him up from floating in the Ocean).  Why is Charlotte Staples Lewis getting these nose bleeds and headaches (well, this was answered in a way, it's still hard to understand Faraday sometimes).

For everyone who claimed that the show never answers anything and just always causes more questions, that might have been the case in the beginning of the show, but now as we are moving towards the end of this fantastic television show, that is no longer the case.  The answers are starting to outnumber the mysteries in each episode and that will most likely continue to be the case the rest of the way.  Better get started on those DVDs and then catch up on people, we'll be here when you're caught up.

Of course, there were some questions presented in this episode.  Who is working with/for Sun?  (My guess is Widmore and his people, meaning the real question is whether it is "with" or "for" or if Sun is the one who is actually working for Widmore

Until Next Time, I will have some new thoughts based on my "Author of Your Own Situation" thing from last season before the next episode, so look forward to that.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

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