Thursday, February 26, 2009

LOST The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, first thoughts

Okay, big question to lead of the post today after last night's show and as always *SPOILERS*...

Where is Sayid?

Seriously.  Dr. Jack, Kate, and Hurley are all back in Dharma time.  Frank and Sun have taken a boat to head back to the beach and LOSTies base camp.  Locke is enjoying his resurrection and bothering the new castaways.  And Benry is beat up in a hospital bed.

But where the frak is Sayid?  That's the question I have.  I guess the most logical explanation is that he disappeared in the time shift also and is somewhere on the Island in Dharma time.  That would be my guess.

Watching last night's episode was the first time I've seen Abbadon since seeing every episode of The Wire.  So all I can really say to his death is...  CEDRIC!!! NO!!!!  But seriously, Abbadon is still a very interesting character and I hope we get a little more about him in flashback.  Clearly he works for Widmore, which I think we'd all pretty much surmised anyway, but his job is to, as he puts it, get people to where they are supposed to be.  We saw him direct Locke to the Island by suggesting the Walkabout.  I wonder if he had a hand in any of our other LOSTies routes to the Island?  Either way, it seems like he is being as hands on as he always yelled at McNulty for being.  (I know, I know, in LOST he isn't Cedric Daniels.  Or the guy from Fringe.  Or the dude in the Cadillac commercial.  Seriously, you're a main character in The Wire and Fringe and one of the most intriguing characters on LOST.  Do you really have to do a Cadillac commercial?)  He at least approached Hurley, although we haven't seen him with anyone else that I recall.  But he was directly responsible for Faraday, CS Lewis, Miles, and Frank being on the Island.  It isn't like I could complain if that's the last we see of him, because there is enough of an answer there as to who he is and why he was around, but he intrigues me enough to want some more as well.

So, mister "you have my condolences" is named Caesar.  And has obviously become the leader of this new set of castaways.  Perhaps inevitable considering his name.  He seemed to be looking for something a little specific while digging around in that Dharma station if you ask me.  I don't think that it was coincidence that he was on that flight.  If I had to guess, he works for Widmore.  We already know that Widmore was watching all of the O6.  If they were all getting on the same plane, it wouldn't surprise me that Widmore got one of his own people on that plane as well.

But, how much does Widmore know about Benry's activities?  Does he realize that it is he who gave Benry access to return to the Island?  Widmore told Locke to look for Ms. Hawking.  Locke told it to Benry, who then killed him and then went to hang with Faraday's mother.  I find it interesting that it is through his mortal enemy Widmore that Benry found his way back to the Island.  If you asked me which side I was rooting for in the eternal struggle between Benry and Widmore I wouldn't hesitate to tell you neither.  I seriously think that they are both evil and out for themselves, neither is really on the side of our LOSTies or even the Island.

So, everyone is back on the Island now except for Desmond, Walt, and Aaron.  A few times in this episode it was mentioned that Locke was supposed to bring EVERYBODY back.  Obviously, things can't get back on track (the record won't stop skipping as it were) until these three are back as well.  I, like a lot of you, think that the person Benry went to confront before boarding the plane late (Hurley style) last week was Desmond, in part to try and convince him (or kidnap him, either way) to get on that plane, but also in large part to keep his promise to Widmore by killing Penny.  Obviously I don't think that he succeeded, and I hope that Desmond kicked his ass, but if he did succeed, then Desmond will no doubt be hell bent on revenge, even returning to the Island to get it.

Walt is obviously still connected to the Island by having dreams of events that haven't occurred yet.  We've now seen Locke on the Island with strangers while wearing a suit, but they don't want to kill him yet.  Since Walt saw that though, I figure it will happen soon enough.  Especially with him being all creepy about having been dead.  I don't know that I would tell that to complete strangers, John.  No doubt his dreams about current events will somehow bring him back to the Island as well.

As for Aaron, the question is, of course, who Kate left him with.  My money is on Cassidy and Clementine, Sawyer's ex and his daughter (also, clearly the people he told Kate to go check on when he jumped off of the helicopter to save them all.)  As soon as either Widmore or Benry figures this out, I have no doubt that Aaron will be on the way to join them all.

Benry the Island would have to be finished with him, right?

Until Next Time, where do you think Sayid is?  Because that is the big question after last night's episode.

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