Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BSG Deadlock, first thoughts

Just a few things, and sorry how late this post is, but being out of town this weekend coupled with the Oscars and all the coverage that entails kept me pretty busy, and I didn't even get a chance to watch the episode until Monday.  So, here we go, as always there are *SPOILERS* if you aren't caught up with the greatness that is BSG.

Phantom 6 is back in Baltar's head, which I am glad to see, this is the biggest thing in the story for me and I want to understand it.  I definitely think it has to do with the female that warned Anders and the male that warned Tory so long ago on the Earth that was.  Now that Caprica has lost the baby I wonder if she'll start seeing Phantom Baltar again.  I wouldn't be surprised.

Speaking of the death of Caprica and Tigh's baby Liam (named after Adama, nice), the importance of Hera is back at the forefront of the series.  In the last few episodes, they have systematically removed any threat to Hera's importance.  No longer is Nicky half-Cylon, turns out Hot Dog is his dad, and now the only baby born to two Cylons is out of the picture, although the fact that Liam was ever conceived is proof that the Cylons can once again recapture the ability to reproduce on their own and survive without humanity.

So, that brings me back to my thoughts on where the show could ultimately be headed.  It could easily end after a final confrontation with Cavil and his group with the surviving humans and Cylons deciding to head back to Kobal to try and live in peace.  Of course, we all know how that would end, the Cylons would end up heading to repopulate Earth while the humans would spread out to the 12 colonies and we would once again be headed towards a future that has happened before and would happen again.

What I think is very interesting about the show, though, is the idea of the One True God.  In that religious difference that was brought to everyone's attention by the centurions, there is, I believe, hope to break out of the cycle of the Pythian prophecy "All of this has happened before, all of it will happen again."

While Liam gave the Cylons hope that they could once again live separately and reproduce like they once did on Earth, Hera gives another future, a peaceful coexistence with humans where Cylons and humans become one race and the cycle ends forever.

Can they take that step and break out of that which Pythia foretold, moving away from the gods of Kobal and towards the God of the centurions?

Until Next Time, there is only a few more episodes until the picture is clear, and then we'll get more of the backstory to fill it in with things like The Plan on DVD and the new series Caprica.  Part of me can't wait to know it all, but most of me wishes that the greatest show ever on TV wasn't about to end.

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