Monday, February 2, 2009

BSG The Oath, first thoughts

Wow.  It really ramped up the action this episode.  I don't really have too much to add this week, just a few things, as mainly I really want to see the second half!

1.  I have no doubt that Gaeta will die, and that saddens me greatly.  He has always been one of my favorite characters and the episode where the tribunal wanted to shoot him out an airlock for collaborating is one of my all time favorites because I so badly wanted him to survive.  I hate the actions that he's taking, but the show has done a good job making me believe that he would take them.  (again if you haven't already, try and see the webisodes The Face of the Enemy, it helps explain these actions in much better detail.)

2.  Was there any doubt that the President would be getting back involved.  It was almost a LOST like moment for me when she said she wouldn't be involved.  Say something like that on The Island and you are guaranteed to be doing whatever it is you swore you would never do.  Looks like Galactica isn't that much different.  So, as bad as Gaeta's little rebellion is, it might have an unintended consequence that will be extremely important.  It appears to have given the survivors (another term I use regularly in my LOST posts)  back their president.

3.  Thank the gods for Starbuck getting some action (not the kiss between her and Lee perverts, like gun type action).  I loved how she said that she was finally feeling alive again.  She is truly in her element and since she and Lee stayed on the ship (along with Tigh and Adama) I don't like Gaeta's chances here.

4.  I know a lot of people don't like Lee, but I do.  I just wish that he didn't constantly get played by Zarek all the time.  Of course, I think that Zarek understands Lee better then most people do (which is funny because the actor playing Zarek played Apollo in the original series, so he has spent some time in Lee's shoes as it were), and therefore is able to do and say the things that he knows Lee will react to.  I love how throughout the show, the President and, or his father would play on his honorable nature when it helped them but rail against it when it was contrary to what they wanted.  Zarek knows how constant Lee is and always seeks to use Lee's nature to his advantage.  Roslin and Adama only do that if Lee happens to agree with them.  I wonder if Lee realizes that his enemy knows him better then his father and the president he has served so long and so faithfully.

5.  Of all of the minor characters who we saw involved in the coup, only Race Track was one we know well.  I guess I'm glad it was her and not Hot Dog.  Based on who Gaeta called to destroy the Raptor with Baltar and Roslin on board, I'm totally holding out hope that Hot Dog remains one of the good guys.

Until Next Time, for more on the psyche of Felix Gaeta read this outstanding post.

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