Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Movie Update

Well, it turns out in my first Summer movie post I missed an important film and it opens today.

I know what you're all thinking.  Josh Man, you mentioned The Sex and the City Movie.

Well, it has come to my attention that the SatC movie is a distant second in important films being released today.


Yeah, you've seen the trailers.  Liv Tyler and Scott Speedmen are home and those creepy people in masks show up to wreak horrific havoc.

Sure, movies like this are all too often horrible, but most movies like this (in fact, all but this one as far as I know) weren't written by one of my best friends growing up.  This one was.  Congrats to Bryan Bertino.

We went to Elementary School together (Bess Race), Middle School together (HF Stevens), and High Scool together (Crowley, go Eagles).

Not only did he write this film, but although it is a rare occurrence, he's directing it also.

I'm asking all of my readers to make an effort to go see this movie this weekend, boosting it's box office.  I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm sure, would he.

The only point of having a fairly popular (according to my hits/footprints) blog (although most people only read it for LOST) is too occasionally be able to ask for a small favor.  I'm doing that now.

If you feel you must, go see Sex and the City too, but try to give this film a shot.

Until Next Time, I'm going to be seeing it tonight with some other Crowley High grads, I'll put up my review tomorrow.

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