Friday, May 16, 2008

LOST There's No Place Like Home Part One, first thoughts

Well, you can't be right all the time.  I'm definitely intrigued to see how only the Oceanic 6 will get off of the Island since Sun and Aaron are on the freighter along with Jin and four other nameless survivors, while the other four (Dr. Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley) are headed to roughly the same place, the Orchid station.

(More on that in a minute).

I do think that one of my earlier theories (from after the season finale last year) is correct.  I think that Widmore is dharma, and I think that Widmore owns Oceanic, which is why the conspiracy has been cooked up to explain their disappearance.  Otherwise, it's possible that Widmore cooked up the conspiracy and Oceanic actually believes the story that the 6 are telling to be true.

LOST does a great job with tearful reunions.  I especially enjoyed Hurley seeing his mom again and Sayid finding Nadia (although that's a little sad since we know she's going to die soon after they wed.)  It's because of this show strength that I still don't believe Jin is actually dead.  The finale will have to have a Sun/Jin reunion (as well as a happy ending for Desmond/Penny).

Although I have to admit, the second that he was on the boat with Sun, I did get worried about his fate.
When Sun reunited with her family, did you see the look on Paik's (her father) face?  Like Widmore, he definitely knows more about that Island then we think he does.  After all, C.S. Lewis knows Korean and knew the Dharma insignia when she saw it on the Tunisian Polar Bear, it isn't much of a stretch to think she knows Korean because she works for Paik.

And I hate to admit it because her namesake is one of my favorite authors (and Prince Caspian opens tomorrow!!!) but of the four freighter folk we know the best (Frank, Faraday, Miles, and Lewis) she seems the shadiest.

I love how Dr. Jack found out that Claire was his sister.  The look of horror in his face when he realized that Aaron was his nephew was priceless.  I can only imagine how much guilt he now feels for not getting her off the Island too.  And then Kate holding Aaron while Aaron's grandmother comments on him, let me just say that was a brilliant, brilliant scene from beginning to end.

Okay, the Orchid Station.

I've shown this video before, but now I'll put it up again in case you're a new reader or forgot what it showed.

This is the Orientation film for the Orchid Station....

It does seem to involve time travel of some sort.

We'll know in two weeks.

Until Next Time, what are your thoughts on the fate of Jin.  Because Sun says to her father that he's at fault for Jin's "death" does that make you think that he's actually dead or is she sticking to the official story and uses dead instead of "lost on the Island"?  We've got two weeks to discuss that and anything else on your mind.

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