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LOST There's No Place Like Home Parts Two and Three, first thoughts

Alright, lots to get to tonight...

Let's start with the extra scene from last weeks episode that they showed before the episode.  We now know the three other people who survived the crash but didn't live to rescue in the O6 cover story, Boone, Libby, and Charlie.

So, why these three?

They all actually died on the Island, but so did many others that could have been used, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Eko, hell, even Paulo and Nicki (remember them?), so why Boone, Libby, and Charlie?

Well, I don't know Dr. Jack's reason for picking those three, but I think I know the writer's.

First, each one represents a prominent death from each of the previous seasons, Boone was the show's first main character to die, Libby was a shocking death in season two, because there is obviously still so much we need to learn about her past, and Charlie was (and still is) the fan favorite dead character.

But more importantly, of all of the Oceanic LOSTies who have died on the Island, these are the only ones that we've seen since they died and have been seen by the LOSTies since they died (although I would, and soon will, make the case that Claire would fit this bill as well).

Locke has seen and conversed with Boone since his death, Libby appeared to Michael off the Island, and Hurley hangs with Charlie all the time outside the mental institution.  Clearly these three were chosen for a reason.

Wow, we've already covered a lot and we haven't even gotten to the new episode yet.

First, let me just say, great Mind Frak moment to open the show, Kate slowing down and reversing directly out of the "Previously.... on LOST".  Loved it.

Okay, onto the meat.  (Sorry to all of you vegetarian readers out there)

What I was right about....

The Island's move, I'm feeling pretty good about my theory on that.  I love time travel (and clearly it still plays a role) but moving the Island strictly in time just didn't feel right in my head.  How about Benry moving the Island and ending up in Tunisia almost ten months later though.  When he heads to the hotel after appearing in the Dharka, he asks the date and instead of late December 2004, it's late October 2005.  He asks the date and the October date is given to him which causes him to inquire, "2005?"  I guess he knew he didn't get thrown back two months, and was hoping that he had only been thrown forward 10.  Something to keep in mind, however.

The way the Oceanic 6 happen, I predicted a couple of posts back that they would be headed back to the Island for more people, and that the Island wouldn't be there anymore.  Called that one.
My biggest prediction that came true, of course, was the future of the show.  I predicted that Dr. Jack would have to get everyone back together in order to get back to the Island, and clearly that is what he must do now.  Feeling pretty good about that one considering I made it right after the Season finale last year.

Now, what I was wrong about...

Locke in the coffin, never saw that coming.  It makes sense of course.  Travel back with me to the last Locke-centric episode, Cabin Fever, I stated my theory that it was always John's place to be the leader of the Others and Benry was just the substitute.  Now let's think about the fact that Benry is always (at least) three steps ahead of everyone else.  Do you have any doubt when he told Dr. Jack to leave with Kate, Sayid, Hurley, et al. that he knew that this is exactly what would happen?  The Island would go down the crapper (which is kind of what it looked like when it "moved", flush) and John would have to come off Island to try and bring everyone back resulting in his death and therefore, the Island would once again need......


Yeah, the second he gave into them leaving so easily, I should have known it would be the only way that he would get his post back, meaning it would lead to the ultimate death of John Locke.

Of course, we've got lots of stuff happening in between the O6 leaving the Island and Locke dying in the Tower, so even though Locke will ultimately die, I doubt that he'll be off of the show anytime soon.

RIP Michael.  He wasn't in the coffin, but he is most certainly dead.  After all, Christian (current Jacob stand in for whatever reason) told him the Island no longer needed his services.  And there is the fact that he was like less then a foot from a crap load of C4.  So, yeah.  I'll miss him, anyway.  I was always a big Michael fan.

Claire is also dead, in my opinion.  Otherwise, how would she have appeared to Kate?  Sure, some might say, "It was just a dream," but does this seem like the show where a character would have just a dream?  No.  The creepy phone call by the way?  We recorded it at the LOST watching party I attended and played it backwards.  It said, "The Island needs you; you have to go back before it's too late."

We emailed the clip to DarkUFO, here's a link to listen to it yourself.

Right after Kate gets this creepy whispered (and backwards) phone message, she sees Claire (or the ghost of Claire, whatever) who tells her that she mustn't take Aaron back there.

Let's talk a little about Desmond.

First of all, wow.  Loved that scene.  I'm a sucker for the Desmond/Penny stuff, not even gonna lie, but I was a lot shocked to see it happen here.  Two seasons earlier then I was expecting it.

Still, I won't be surprised if along with dead body Locke (Weekend at Lockies?), Dr. Jack has to get Desmond to return.  The show loves the Ironic Statements, and Desmond's "I'm never going to set foot on that Island again" is begging to become on of the show's finest.  WAAAAAAAALT!!!! will probably have to come too.

Well, since the show ended the possibility of a Series Finale Desmond/Penny reunion, I guess we'll have to settle for a Jin/Sun reunion instead.

But Josh Man, Jin died on the freighter when it exploded.



Just like Krazy Keamy died when Richard Alpert shot him in the back.

Just like Desmond, Eko, and Locke died when the Hatch exploded.

Just like Patchy died any of the like one hundred times Patchy has "died".

I'm not buying a dead Jin when we didn't see a body.  He'll either float up on shore of the Island or get picked up by Faraday in the Zodiac, but I'm telling you right now, Jin is not dead.  If he were going to die we would have seen his face right before the boat exploded underneath him.  We always get a good shot of the character right before they die, especially when it's a main character.

Jin's not dead simply because we didn't see him die.  He deserved at least that much.

Wow, I'm really tired.  I'm pretty sure that there are other things I wanted to touch on, but I guess we have 8 months to go over them all (like C.S. Lewis looking for her birth place and Miles telling her that she's been to the Island before), but

Until Next Time, only 34 episodes until we know it all.

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