Monday, May 5, 2008

BSG The Road Less Traveled, first thoughts

I'm intrigued by the direction the series is taking.

To be honest, I thought that there would be a lot more action then the last couple of episodes have offered.
Is that a bad thing?  I don't think so, but it's hard to tell since I'm not entirely sure where the show is going at this point.

I think that the last two episodes are going to be extremely important when it comes to our understanding of our newest Cylons.  I wrote about Tory, the Chief, and Tigh last week (and the Chief got some more screen time this week with his new Lex Luthor inspired look), but this week belonged to Anders.

It might not have seemed like it on the surface, but when I think about the episode I keep coming back to Anders.

Is it his humanity (the part of him that believed he was human) that trusts Starbuck so completely when everyone else on the ship thinks that she has gone batty (if they even admit that its really her), or is it his Cylon nature that is causing him to follow her.

With the other three new Cylons we've seen definite deviations from their normal selves as they deal with the news that they're toasters (hope I didn't offend anyone with that pejorative) but since the premiere, Anders has just been Anders.  Is he dealing with it better or is he doing exactly what he's been programmed to do?

That's the question that I have after this episode.

Until Next Time, I've been rewatching X-Files season 1 through the power of Netflix and the early episodes have a distinct connection to BSG, primarily episodes 12 and 13, "Fire" and "Beyond the Sea".  In "Fire" our favorite lawyer not named Adama, Romo Lampkin, is the pyro-able baddie Bob.  In Beyond the Sea, we learn that Scully's nickname from her father is none other then Starbuck.  Awesome.  (He of course is referring to the Melville character, but it's awesome nonetheless.)

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