Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BSG Faith, first thoughts

I was right, Deanna will be unboxed in order to unmask the Final Five, although I'm not sure that Anders is as excited about that.

How about the revelation that the Final Five are from Earth, though, that's interesting.  Where they created there or did they go there separately?  And I'm still confused as to why the Boomer/Athena model is number 8, meaning one of the Final Five is a number 7.

We know that 8 is a different Cylon, able to buck programming easier.  Athena has left the Cylons to join the side of the humans, and Boomer left the rest of the 8's for Cabal's side to vote against 6's group, breaking the tie.

Is it possible that the first 6 Cylons are different then the last 6 Cylons, but that number 8 broke ranks with the last 6 making them 5?

I think that it is.

A couple of BSG posts ago I mentioned how strategically placed the four we know of the Final 5 seemed to be.  President Roslin's conversation with Torry at the beginning of the episode confirmed that.

Speaking of President Roslin, her arch in this episode interested me.

I never imagined that Roslin would buy into the One True God concept simply because it was Baltar that was preaching it, and she will always be unable to see past her hatred (as much as that hatred is probably justified) of him.  But through the character Emily on this episode, Roslin got to see that faith from a different angle.

And the concept of One True God is probably important to her understanding of the Opera House Dream, considering everyone involved in that vision except for herself is Cylon or half-Cylon, and thanks to the Hybrid we know now that Roslin (the dying leader) will soon know the truth of that vision.

Which is good, because I'd like to know the truth of that vision as well.  Especially since it started roughly at the same time four of the crew started hearing All Along the Watchtower and we saw where that lead.

We got more of the "Harbinger of Death" and "lead them all to their end" about Starbuck that we got in Razor, but if I've learned anything from reading fantasy extensively since 6th grade, it's that Prophecies never turn out exactly how they sound.

I'm wondering more about what all of this "Children of the one reborn" is all about.

Until Next Time, did anyone else watch Smallville last week?  It was Sci-Fi Doctors Guest Appearance Week as Robert Picardo (formally the Doctor on ST: Voyager) played Mr. Teague (the father of Jensen Ackles's character and the husband of Jane Seymore's character) and Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle on BSG) played the antique expert helping Lex figure out the significance of the item he discovered in the Zurich safety deposit box.  I kept expecting to see Dr. Crusher.

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