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7th (Mostly) Annual My Thoughts As I Had Them During the Oscars

I was live tweeting the Oscars back before there was Twitter.  No really, check it.

Then I missed a couple of years (while actually live tweeting on Twitter).  Then I realized, I could actually use Twitter to bring back this post!

So this year, I tagged all of my posts with #MTAIHTDTO

And now, here they are for you.

My Thoughts As I Had Them During The Oscars

- Have to admit, I am excited Ellen is hosting!

- Old people jokes, always a crowd-pleaser.

- "The real Philomena is here tonight." I hope she got a chocolate on her hotel pillow.

- And Amy Adams is way better in Her than American Hustle. I think they really nominated her cleavage.

- Katniss jokes are the best.

- Ellen is killing it.

- Transitions can be difficult.

- We live in a world where Jonah Hill gets a huge ovation. And deserves it. Crazy.

- They totally should have shown the scene where she confronts her father. Best scene in that film. #JaredLeto

- First award, first non-surprise, #JaredLeto 

- Anyone remember My So Called Life. God, I miss that show. #JaredLeto #JordanCatalano

- Twitter gets a shoutout at the Oscars!

- How badly do we need a sequel to Incredibles? A new Planes (a spinoff from Cars) and still no Incredibles 2? Criminal.

- This song needs more Minions.

- Ah. There they are.

- "I'm tired of these mother-effing nominations on this mother-effing stage." - Samuel L Jackson in my head.

- Samuel L Jackson for costume design, cause that makes sense.

- "I'll be short." *Takes out novel from bra*

- Oh, they wanted Samuel L Jackson because it was also for makeup! Now it all makes sense.

- Dallas Buyers Club in the early Oscars lead.

- How does one fight for hair and makeup? With those mascara sticks? I'm confused.

- Channing Tatum. He was really good as Superman in The Lego Movie. A much better superman film than Man of Steel.

- So far it is too close to call in biggest race of the night. Who had worse commercials: Oscars or Super Bowl.


- I was about to slam the camera work. Sorry for almost ruining the joke, Ellen.

- The real question is, do they really love you, Sally Field?

- Not entirely sure what that montage was about...

- Everyone has trouble saying Hermione. They really mispronounced it though. Emma Watson? #HarryPotterIsRealToMe

- The best song from the best score I've ever heard. #TheMoonSong #Her

- Muppets make everything better. Even tea. Is it March 21 yet?

- I always thought someone should make a movie based on the Shaggy song. #ItWasntMe

- I love how this guy assumes we saw his short documentary.

- And now he talks about how she died and I feel like an ass... (editor's note: although to be fair, she was 110).

- How fast can Dominos get a commercial together where they deliver pizza to the Oscars?

- Will Tippen!? (Editors note: Alias reference.  Not the last one of the night.)

- Background singers finally get a win. So glad documentaries shed light on such important issues.

- House of Cards reference I'm guessing. I know. I know. I need to watch it.

- Oscar she wrote! Am I right!?

- Our televisions need more Tina Fey, even if it's in AmEx commercials.

- British (Scottish, actually) English isn't a foreign language, Oscars.  Still love, Obi Wan, though.

- Has anyone ever seen this guy and Madea in the same place at the same time? They look disturbingly similar.

- This is probably the best collection of Oscar nominated songs ever.

- You know the movie this song is from starred Stringer Bell, right? Just checking. (Editor's Note: sadly, the only The Wire reference of the night.)

- "It's my job he doesn't leave the house wearing pajamas." Thanks, JC Penny for setting back feminism a few decades.

- I will be retweeting that photo

- And Gravity moves into a tie with Dallas Buyers Club...

- "Brings us down to earth." "We're over the moon." Gravity Puns.

- Gravity moves into the lead with its 3rd Oscar!

- Ellen added a scarf. Time to retake the photo.

- First surprise of the night! Well deserved win for Lupita Nyong'o!

- Ugh. Twitter not working is annoying!

- Brad Pitt helping serve pizza. Love it.

- "Where is Harvey Weinstein?" Best joke of the night.

- I promise, despite what he looks like, Bill Murray is not a zombie. (editor's note: spoiler, but yep, that's a Zombieland reference.)

- Gravity is 4 for 4.

- And yes. The Harold Ramis moment was awesome.

- 5 for 5.

- We aren't in Kansas anymore. Pink would never go to Kansas.

- Sydney Bristow and Sherlock!? I'd watch that show. (editor's note: Alias reference number 2!And the only JJ Abrams references of the night!)

- The Great Gatsby has as many or more Oscars as every movie but Gravity.

- Did I miss that President Bartlett was in Harry Potter!?

- Is it sad that Cuba Gooding Jr actually had to reprise his line himself? (Yes. Yes, it is.) good commercial though.

- Soon, Reliant will have to pay him more. He's an Oscar winner by the end of the night. #MatthewMcConaughey

- In Memorium.  Always my favorite Oscars moment.

- Couldn't we have just had an instrumental version of this beneath the video? No offense, Bette.

- Meryl Streep is never allowed to have a twitter. She tweets once and Twitter nearly dies.

- Idina Menzel must be hard to say. Just let it go, John Travolta.

-  Ellen said Idina Menzel twice since John Travolta couldn't say it once.

- Gravity's first loss, coming up?

- Nope. Wow. 7 for 7. It's Gravity's night.

- I thought the EGOT was something Tracey Morgan made up.

- I would go see Frozen 2, but please an Incredibles sequel first.

- Can I have one of those typewriters after the Oscars?  Really want a typewriter. #littlebithipster

- My predictions are looking pretty good.

- YES! Spike Jonze! Glad I was wrong on this one!

- John Travolta reminds me of people who fake their way through tough names in Scripture.

- Part of this Oscar is for Prisoner of Azkaban. Gravity is 8 for 8.

- Best director working today. Little Princess, Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Prisoner of Azkaban, Gravity...

- The Wise Guys at Warner Brothers.  Best quote of the day.

- I know Daniel Day Lewis wasn't in anything this year, but can we give him an Oscar anyway?

- Gravity's first loss will be Cate Blanchett's win.

- And Gravity is now 8 for 9. I'm kind of sad.

- Philomena 2!?  Can we please get an Incredibles 2 first?

- Galadriel is so awesome, but she didn't really have a leading role in Desolation of Smaug, did she?

- Alright, alright, alright.  Matthew McConaughey is about to win an Oscar.

- "They're gonna need a effing wrecking ball to take me out of here!" *cue Miley Cyrus*

- Alright, alright, alright better be in his acceptance speech.

- Reliant rates are about to go up.

(The only guest post, the only person who incorporated my #MTAIHTDTO into a tweet)

@ChrisWymore: Nooooooooooooooo! Leo, say it isn't so. You're the king of the world!

- There it is. Alright, alright, alright.

- 9 for 10?

- Wow! 12 Years a Slave with the upset!'

- Number 4 on my Top Ten, but very worthy winner.

- Ellen was awesome. I called all but 4 awards correctly (gave three of those I got wrong as strong possibilities). Good Oscars!

So there you have it! My thoughts as I had them during the Oscars!

Until Next Time, let's hope that we don't go forever before I post something again!

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