Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Talk

I'd forgotten how great it is to have intelligent conversation about film with someone else who knows film history, someone with whom I can talk about The Battleship Potemkin and they say, "Yeah, Eisenstein." (The Russian director who pretty much invented editing, thereby directly influencing every single movie ever made afterwards.)  Or someone with whom I can reference Malick in regards to the outstanding film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and they immediately understand the tone of the film.  Or someone with whom I can talk about a tracking shot and we both immediately reference Touch of Evil.  It had simply been too long, and it was very refreshing to be able to have that experience last night.

Plus it was great to see my beautiful niece and fly her around in the air.  All around a good day.

This weekend, I also saw the movie Definitely, Maybe.

Don't judge.

Actually, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating.  I have to be honest, I am not a fan of rom-com's or as they're more commonly referred to as chick flicks.  I hate the stunning lack of originality that most of them suffer from, the lack of comedy despite the fact that they are supposedly "romantic comedies", and I usually am not a big fan of the cast that these types of films go with.

Definitely, Maybe was over a third of the way through before I had the whole plot figured out (that's pretty good for a chick flick), the story was far more original then most (although the same idea is handled much more brilliantly on television with How I Met Your Mother), it had many great comedic moments (due in part to the political in jokes, I'm a sucker for good political humor), and the cast was excellent (of course it helps when your lead is the extremely likable Ryan Reynolds as opposed to Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock playing Julia Roberts).

Until Next Time, I've got Knight Rider tivoed, but the first five minutes of it that I saw last night weren't very promising, here's hoping that overall it's better.  Also, I should be getting Michael Clayton from Netflix on Wednesday, meaning I should be able to hit you with a massive Thursday post involving my Top Ten of 2007 and my Oscar Predictions, then early next week, the Third Annual My Thoughts as I Had Them During the Oscars Post.

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