Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST The Beginning of the End, first thoughts

What a triumphant return.

Okay, what we know...

6 Losties escape the Island back to the world of the real (to borrow a Matrix quote).

3 of them are Dr. Jack, Kate, and Hurley.

People do know about the plane crash, and that the "Oceanic 6" were on it. (Sadly this pretty much destroys a large part of my theory.)

What we know from exterior sources...

Flight 815 was found, under water, just as Naomi said, so she didn't lie about that.  If you watched the Oceanic spot during the interesting Eli Stone, you actually saw the plane under water no where near the, or any, Island. Also, the Find815 game confirmed this.

What we can safely infer...

While people know that the Oceanic 6 were survivors of Oceanic 815, it is believed by the outside world that they are the only ones.

The outside world has no idea that there was (or is) any Island.

Mike, Ana Lucia's partner, tells Hurley that he knew someone on that plane, and asks if he knew her either "on the plane" or "before the plane took off", but there is no mention of surviving after the crash on any Island.
For some reason, the Oceanic 6 are lying about everyone else who survived, and probably the fact that the Island is there.  Hurley lies to Mike and claims that he has no idea who Ana Lucia was.

Interesting moment...

When Hurley comes across Jacob's cabin, and looks inside, he sees Christian Shepard sitting in Jacob's chair, and is then startled by an eye.  I had no doubt when watching it that the eye belonged to Locke, didn't even think that it could be someone else, but the online community isn't sure.  My feeling is still that the eye did belong to Locke, it would make sense that he would come back here after killing Naomi, and it would explain why he was there just as soon as Hurley made the cabin "disappear".

The real question though, isn't who the eye belonged to, it is what the hell is Christian Shepard doing in Jacob's chair?  I had wondered what had happened to his body, what if Jacob is somehow commandeering it?  Jacob, after all, doesn't appear to have a solid body of his own.

Unanswered questions that I brought up in my last post included what happened to Dr. Christian's body, and how the Island could cause something to happen in the real world (at the time that was only getting Juliet's ex hit by a bus, but now it includes causing Charlie to appear, which we know isn't just in Hurley's head because Lewis, another mental patient, saw him also).  How does the Island have ability this far away from its base?
Maybe if it has an agent of Jacob or some part of Jacob himself off of the Island then it can manipulate things similarly to the way it can on the Island.  In Not in Portland, Richard was that agent.  Maybe Dr. Christian is that agent in the "flash forwards", as I'm not buying that Dr. Jack was confused about his father being upstairs.

Other questions from this episode...

When does the "flash forward" take place?

I think this is important, because the "flash forward" from Through the Looking Glass was April of 2007, or present day, more or less.  I want to know how long they had been returned at that point, and at what point in the timeline they were returned in our world.  At the time of "rescue" they have been on the Island for 91 days (according to the iteration count, courtesy of the pop up notes in the replay of Through the Looking Glass) or just over three months.  Are they going to be returned at the same time as the length of time they're on the Island or slightly out of phase time wise?

I have no doubt that time travel of some sort will play a role.  Not just because of the Desmond episode last season, but because of one of the special features on the season 3 dvd, the Orientation film for Station 6, the Orchid Station.

He asks in the video after the second 15 shows up what time they set the station.  The woman answers "Negative 20"  He asks how long they've been there, she says "Nine minutes, but we're still learning..."  When the second bunny is recognized as the same one that he's holding, he says "Keep them away from each other!"  All of this screams time travel to me.

Until Next Time, I'll be watching the episode again (as Locke says, "We're gonna need to watch that again") as I've only watched it once so far.  If I notice anything else, I'll be sure to let you know.  Any of your observations or thoughts are, as always, also appreciated.  Welcome back LOST, we've missed you.

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