Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best of My Buddies - Part One, Green Lantern Corp and Creative Cosplay

You may have noticed that I am not posting as much of late.

Part of that is because I am insanely busy...

And part of that is because I am a little lazy on top of the busy.

For instance, I meant in the last couple of weeks to post reviews on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (liked it) and Captain America: The First Avenger (absolutely loved it). 

However, neither of those posts or any of the other possible posts I was planning occurred.

Since I still want to maintain a presence on the World Wide Web (as it is sometimes called), I thought to myself, "Self... we need to come up with a way to post things that won't take us much time to put together, thereby posting something and maintaining a presence, yet not getting in the way of the business or laziness that otherwise occupy our time."  Seeing as I made a good point, I quickly agreed and tried to think of something to post.

Luckily, at around the same time, two of my friends (both in real life and online) both posted some interesting things that I feel are worth highlighting.

So, I present to you the newest feature on Fat Train, BEST OF MY BUDDIES

Good stuff from online postings of friends of mine that I will share also with you, my readers.

First, a tweet from my buddy Chad (@OptimisticChad on Twitter)

Optimistic Chad

So go give that post a read, and remember that I'm still here, even if not as present as I was earlier this year.

Until Next Time, the return of series 6 (season 32) of Doctor Who is August 27, also known as one short month away, and I will (despite my business and laziness) continue to post my thoughts and reflections of those episodes shortly after they air!

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