Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST Recon, first thoughts

Time for some wacky theorizing!

That's the mood I'm in after this Sawyer-centric episode (and it was good to see Sawyer after these last few Sawyer-less episodes).

After all, this episode seemed to prove one thing, it doesn't seem that it was Jughead that split the timeline.

Think, if Juliet detonating Jughead is what split the timeline, then I doubt that Frank Linus (Ben's dad) would be talking all wistfully about how they should have stayed on the Island. I mean, I can buy that after he shot Sayid, he grabbed a recently returned young Ben and they hightailed it off of the Island, but under the circumstances (the craziness going on and the fact that Ben had just been shot) I doubt they would view the Island with that sort of wistfulness.

But I think something even more revealing is the fact that Miles (also Sawyer's partner in the LA X timeline)talks about his father working at the museum (with C.S. Lewis aka Charlotte). There is no way that Miles's father could have survived Juliet setting off Jughead, therefore, there is no way, in my opinion, that the LA X timeline was created by the bomb.

So, what else could have split the timeline?

Or is the timeline not split at all?

Time to talk about one of the prominent theories making the rounds right now.

This theory views the flash-sideways not as an alternate universe the way that I've been explaining and dealing with them, but as what they are calling an "epilogue". Proponants of this theory believe that we are viewing what will happen when the LOSTies figure out how to finally get away from the pull of the Island.

So, you can run with that if you want, but personally, I don't buy it at all.

I still think that somehow the timeline was split, something happened that caused an alternate reality to be created and that these two realities are running concurrently (and bleeding into each other as well since only one can survive).

But instead of Jughead being the cause, I think that Ben killing Jacob is what caused the rift.

Imagine that Jacob is somehow outside of time, imagine that somehow Ben killing him when he did kept Jacob from doing something pre-1977 that then created this new timeline.

In the original timeline, Jacob touched Sawyer when he was writing the note. Not only that, but he gave Sawyer the pen that he used to write the note. That note could have been what caused Sawyer to become the con-man that he is in the Island timeline, obsessing over that note, over the name Sawyer. If there was no Jacob to touch him, no Jacob to give him the pen to write that note, perhaps Ford (because he isn't Sawyer in this timeline) waits until after he becomes a cop to try and find out who Sawyer is.

And perhaps Jacob had more to do with the situations that our LOSTies were in then we originally thought. Perhaps Jacob kept the real Sawyer, Anthony Cooper, Locke's dad, on his life of crime, which led to Cooper throwing Locke out of a window. It seems to me that something has turned Locke's dad away from his life of crime, because in the LA X timeline, there is no ill will between Locke and his dad.

It seems to me as if perhaps the whole Jughead situation was actually a red herring and actually had nothing to do with the splitting of the timeline. It was Jacob's death that caused our LOSTies to get ripped back from 1977, not Jughead. It was Jacob's death that caused the split, not Jughead.

Or I could be totally wrong and it could be something else we don't even know about.

Until Next Time, I hope that the previews aren't lying when they say we'll get some Richard reveals next week. The title is Ab Aeterno which is Latin for "Since the beginning of time" or "Since a very long time". Have to admit, that does sound like Richard!


  1. Nestor Carbonell swears that this upcoming episode is pretty huge... :)

  2. with that huge of an energy source, you don't really have to worry about the arrow of time anymore. if it can create an alternate universe, why can't it change things retroactively? such a spike like that could just as easily ripple backwards pre-1977 as it could ripple forward. perhaps the alternate universe actually shares no common ground. we've been viewing the split as a kind of branching effect where one timeline splits into two at 1977. couldn't it have happened in a way that they were split infinitely into the future and the past, creating two parallel dimensions with no intersect point?

    also, i think its possible that jacob represents this energy somehow, that the human brain can't comprehend the energy so it is presented to the brain as a being, something that is understandable. the death of jacob and the explosion of the bomb are possibly the very same event.