Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST The Package, first thoughts

Only 6 episodes left. Can you believe it? I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when this show is over. It has been an awesome ride, and I really don't want it to end, but I suppose I had better start preparing myself.

Anyway, on to last night's episode...

Although it wasn't a surprise, as I was pretty certain ever since we saw that locked room two episodes ago, it is always nice to see familiar faces again.

The reveal of an injured and drugged Desmond brought up an interesting dichotomy. If we decide that the Man in Black/Smokey/Locke-less Monster is the bad guy (and a lot of people are not too sure of that, thinking that perhaps Jacob is actually the bad guy, I disagree, but admit it is a possibility), than Widmore wants the same thing that we do... Locke left on the Island.

I find it hard to root for Widmore, especially when he drugged my favorite LOSTie and brought him back to the Island that he swore he would never come to again. It definitely makes me wonder if Penny knows where her husband has gone.

But I did love that he gave Jin the camera with the pictures of Sun and Ji Yeon, although I have no doubt that there was ulterior motive to being that "generous" to Jin.

We talked a couple of weeks ago about the theory making the rounds that the Flash Sideways were an epilogue world where our LOSTies would live happily ever after after finishing whatever they were supposed to do on the Island. I have always thought that that theory was bull, and I hope that after this episode it finally goes away. It certainly has to at least lose some traction considering that Sun is shot in the abdomen where she is carrying Sideways Ji Yeon. Doesn't seem like an epilogue Jin and Sun would hope for.

Some things that were interesting in the Sideways world where the fact that Krazy Keamy is apparently as hard to kill in the Sideways timeline as he is on the Island, and it wouldn't surprise me if Mikhail isn't dead either, took him forever to die on the Island to. You know, I totally didn't recognize him until Jin shot his eye out (You'll shoot your eye out, You'll shoot your eye out!), then I was all, "Mikhail!"

Over on the main Island, Sayid reveals he feels absolutely nothing, and Locke-less Monster doesn't seem all that surprised. Just something to keep an eye on as we learn more about the dead inhabited by darkness.

Also, we learn from the Locke-less Monster that he can only escape the Island if all of the candidates go with him, so any thoughts that Richard and Ilana have about destroying planes and subs aren't necessary, they just need one of the candidates to remain.

My theory, that candidate will be Jack, who stays along with Kate, and as I have said since we met them in season 1, they will become the Adam and Eve skeletons.

Until Next Time, Looks like next week might be Desmond centric, which should be outstanding!


  1. Again, interesting ideas. But more questions,

    -My theory, that candidate will be Jack, who stays along with Kate, and as I have said since we met them in season 1, they will become the Adam and Eve skeletons.-

    How would this work? Are you going on the assumption that there will be more time travel later on that takes Jack/Kate back in time before 2004 (the first time we saw them was in "White Rabbit)? I think Rose/Bernard as Adam/Eve makes more sense because we last saw them in 1977 before Jughead went off, so perhaps they went kablooey with the island and they are the skeleton's. I'm not saying that's right, just makes more sense than Jack/Kate without making a big assumption like there will be more time travel.

  2. Gotta admit I was not a huge fan of this episode. I do have to give props to my wife, Amy, for recognizing old Willie One-Eye well before he lost his eye.

    I'm sticking with my theory that Hurley will be the Final Candidate, and no, I do not believe Lock-ness is actually a good guy. He's hollowed out Sayid's soul and killed far too many people for that IMHO.

    Do look forward to some more Desmond screen time though.

  3. do you remember when that submarine first popped up and it showed widmore and i was like, "i hope desmond's on that sub with him"? you can imagine how happy i am. now to throw desmond into some pocket of energy so he can set things right.

    jack totally has to time travel. his consciousness has to travel back to the original plane crash (remember how he said he blacked out and didn't remember anything about the crash?) and choose to crash on the island.

    i kind of think that desmond is going to be sent back in time to somehow save daniel faraday, and a bi-product of this event will be him traveling between universes, like when he appeared on the airplane in dimension x.