Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terminator Trashes Your Lights

Let me start by saying this, and if it you just take this advice and don't read on my job is done, don't go see this movie, just see Star Trek again instead.

It is that bad.

McG is clearly not capable of handling an epic series like Terminator, because the whole film just falls flat.  It works on almost zero levels.  There isn't even anything to get a little excited about like the acting and action scenes in the terrible Wolverine movie, but even that is better then this.

Sure, the effects are terrific, and there are a couple moments where you see the genius that this film could have been, and truthfully, should have been.  There is no reason that this movie should be this bad, because the idea of the film is AWESOME, but the execution ruins it totally and completely.  And the couple of moments that hint at the film that was supposed to have been made do nothing to redeem this film, only hurt you with a taste of what could have (and, again, should have) been.  Those moments are Anton Yelchin, who is so awesome as Kyle Reese, John Connor's father, I wish he could have been the star of this film (he is even better in his limited screen time here then he is as Chekov in Star Trek, but trust me when I say that this kid will be a major frakkin star), and the CGI'd version of Arnie from the original Terminator, which sadly only lasts for a few seconds and leads in to a ridiculously staged fight scene (but it totally makes me wonder how the Wolverine movie made Patrick Stewart look so horrible in the Wolverine movie, this technology is clearly viable as this scene and all of Benjamin Button shows).

Sam Worthington, however, adds nothing to this film, and that is a shame, because he is the main character.  A decision that truly makes no sense, considering that there are so many ways we could have gone here that wouldn't have required us putting our entire movie into the hands of a character that we have absolutely no emotional interest in.  And then that character is not only weakly drawn, but isn't someone that has any traits that would cause us to care what happens to him.  Plus, Worthington, despite the fact that he has two more lead roles headed his way (Cameron's Avatar and the upcoming Clash of the Titans), brings nothing at all to the role.  At least the actors in Wolverine were trying.

Christian Bale also disappoints as the iconic John Connor.  Considering what a fine actor that we know Bale to be (despite the occasional f-bomb tirades), perhaps the problem with the wooden nature of the lead character's performances doesn't fall on the actors but on the director.

The film's pacing is it's biggest flaw, it never hits a good rhythm which an action movie so desperately requires in order to be any good at all.  Overall, the film feels like a huge mess and honestly is not worth your time or your money.

And it makes me regret even further the canceling of the tv show, because it appears that the now Terminated television series was the only good Terminator we are going to be getting any time soon.

Until Next Time, trust me, just go see Star Trek again.  And thank me later.

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