Saturday, May 2, 2009


When word came out they were making this movie, I was excited, but as more and more came out about it, my hopes slowly but surely diminished.  When I went and saw it today, I had very little hope that it would be any good.

So, at least I wasn't disappointed.  That being said, I didn't hate it either.  It is an okay film that won't even come close to blowing you away, but it has some moments that might entertain you.

My main problem with it is that it could have been better then it was without even worrying about adding characterization or fixing problems with the mostly nonexistent plot.  Who needs those in an action film anyway, right?  The big problem with this film is that for the most part, the effects are terrible.  Wolverine's claws look like cartoons.  I don't understand how this can be when there have already been three X-Men films featuring Wolverine and they've looked good in all of those!  I probably wouldn't have given the workprint (if I'd searched it out and seen it) marks off for the way the effects looked if they'd looked like this, but when the feature film released into theaters had cheap looking effects like that (and I seriously believe that someone with hardly any budget at all could have made some more convincing effects then the ones in this film) I can't help but cry foul.

As for the fact that there isn't much character development in this film, and there is no real reason for many of the characters to do what they do, well, when we have been given two fantastic X-Men films (in X-Men and X-Men 2) you have every right to expect a fantastic film, and this certainly isn't even close to that.

It's better then, say, Daredevil, simply because the action in this film is much better.  Some of the fight scenes are really good, and when you aren't being completely taken out of the film by the fake effects, the action scenes are entertaining.  But if you wanted to put any thought into it, wanted to get anything more then a "cotton candy" feel, then you will be very disappointed, because despite there being some fun action sequences and good fight scenes, there is absolutely no heart or depth to this film whatsoever.

If you know that going in, perhaps you can find some enjoyment out of it.

Until Next Time, hopefully Star Trek can truly get the Summer Movie Season off to a good start.

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