Friday, January 16, 2009

The Return of BSG

The greatness that is Battlestar Galactica returns tonight on the Sci-Fi Network and I am extremely pumped (although also a little sad that this is the beginning of the end).

I now can say with some certainty that this is the greatest television show ever on television, and I will be extremely heartbroken when it ends.

However, we still have ten episodes to go until that happens, so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves and instead bask in the glory that is the final season while we have it.


Sorry about going pirate there, don't know where that came from.

Anyway, the rumor is that we'll know the final Cylon by the end of this episode, so we have one more chance to try and figure out who it might be.  My money is on Tom Zarek.

Here's what I wrote in an earlier post and I'm sticking by it...
Speaking of the Final Cylon, I think I know who it is.
Tom Zarek.
I actually have very little doubt.  Here's why.
1. He's certainly one of the most important characters not on the Last Supper photo.
2. He's the Vice President of the Fleet, but isn't really in the Roslin camp.  The Cylon's have the four we know about in important places, Tigh is Adama's right hand man, Tory is Roslin's closest confidant politically, Anders is along on the Starbuck mission, and the Chief (up until this week) was in charge of maintaining all of the ships, the humans best weapon against the Cylons.  Outside of Adama or Roslin (which would invalidate the need for Tigh or Tory) Zarek is in the most important position in the fleet, especially with Roslin dying.
3. His first name is Tom.  Seriously, that's my argument.  Think about it, what do we know about the newest four Cylons, what do they have in common?  Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel T. Anders, and Tory Foster.  First of all, why do we know Anders's middle initial at all?  Is it just a nod to Star Trek (after all, it could stand for Tiberius)?  Maybe, but I think it is also a clue.  Of the four we know, there are two whose last name starts with a t, one whose middle name starts with a t, and one whose first name starts with a t, I think ultimately it will be two whose first names start with a t, two whose last names start with a t, and one whose middle name starts with a t.  Not that I think they'll make a big deal of the T thing or that it has any meaning, but I do think that it is a clue pointing to Tom Zarek.  If we find out Felix's middle name starts with a t, though, I might switch to him.
I'm still liking all of that logic.  Felix Gaeta is still a possibility, of course.  Some other interesting theories I've heard include Zach Adama and Ellen Tigh.  Those two made me think of Adama's wife as well.

Luckily, we won't have too much longer to wait.

Other burning questions...

What happened to Earth?  (not to mention us, it's inhabitants)

Who or what is up with the 6 in Baltar's head and the Baltar in Caprica 6's head?

What happened to Starbuck when she died? (and how is she back)

What does the prophecy of "Harbinger of Doom" mean?

How did Tigh get 6 pregnant when they're both Cylons?

And What will be the resolution of the Cylon Civil War and Cavil's Cylon's beef with humanity?

Until Next Time, soon we will know the answer to these and any other lingering questions, but mainly let's enjoy the ride of the last ten episodes of Television's Greatest Show Ever.

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