Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST Because You Left and The Lie, first thoughts

LOST is back and with two power packed (and far more blood and gore filled then normal) episodes.

I loved how the opening scene was very similar to the opening scene from Season 2.  We follow someone although we don't know exactly who it is.  They put on a record and go through there morning routine.  This time, however, instead of Desmond it is Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund/Pierre Chang.  And instead of the music working fine until an explosion stops the recording, this time the music repeats over and over one line while skipping.  (Skipping record).

So the scientist with many names goes to record on of his award winning orientation films when he is informed of trouble at the Orchid Station and goes to warn the workers there that if they mess with the power behind that wall "God Help us All!" and gives some talk about Time Travel.  The construction worker doesn't buy it and laughs about it to none other then Daniel Faraday.  I think now is a good time to watch this if you haven't seen it already.

It's the beginning of the latest ARG where you could become a member of the newly reformed Dharma Initiative.  Ignore the beginning and the end and just pay attention to the part featuring Marvin Candle et al and the person who is working the camera is most certainly Daniel Faraday.

We know from the episode that our main characters who remained on the Island, all of them who weren't natives it appears, are somehow unstuck from time.  Skipping like a record (see) according to Faraday.  Faraday claims that they can't do anything to change the past, but it appears that he is trying to do just that.  How?  Because apparently some people aren't as beholden to things like time as the rest of us are.  Desmond is one of them.  Flashes Before Your Eyes from Season 3 and The Constant from last season both appear to be episodes that will bear rewatching for this season.  After Faraday gives Desmond that message, he awakens in the present remembering it.

Faraday sends him to find his mother, as he is about to reveal her name however he shifts again.

I'm betting that his mother's name is Mrs. Hawking.  Someone that Desmond is familiar with, as was Brother Campbell the monk that Desmond served under, and as we find out at the end of the premiere, so is Benry Gale.

Using what appears to be a Foucault pendulum (popularized in the Umberto Eco novel Foucault's Pendulum, which certainly makes Mr. Eko's name more interesting) Ms. Hawking has apparently established a way back to the Island.  She tells Benry that he has 70 hours.  This is, of course, made more difficult by the fact that Hugo has turned himself into the police.  Also, he'd better succeed or "God Help Us All."  Making that a bookend phrase, interesting.  It starts and ends the premiere night.

Following Sayid's advice, Hurley did the opposite of what Benry wanted, but in doing so he ignored Ana Lucia's advice.  When Hurley was trying to flee the (not so) Safe House with a drugged/passed out Sayid he got pulled over by the police.  When that happened I was sure that it would be Ana Lucia's partner most recently seen in last season's premiere (also a Hurley-centric).  My friend Alec called it though right after I suggested it would be her partner.  Very impressive.  I, on the other hand, was momentarily shocked when it turned out to be Ana Lucia herself.  Once I got over my shock I remembered Hurley sees dead people.  Ana Lucia's advice to him was to avoid the police and specifically not to get arrested.  The advice didn't stick with Hurley for very long.  Ana Lucia probably pushed it out of his head by also saying that Libby said hi.  Damn we'd better get some Libby satisfaction soon.  What is up with her?  I still want to know why she was in the mental institution with Hurley.

Meanwhile Dr. Jack and Benry Gale discuss how to get the band back together and Kate and Sun have a chat.

The gaping plot hole in the O6 story has been snuffed out by someone.  According to their lie, Kate was 6 months pregnant when she was arrested in Australia (shouldn't be hard to disprove) and Sun should have conceived before the crash (since the father of the baby supposedly died in the crash) and yet we know that she conceived on the Island.  These lies are the ones that can trip them up and Kate's already seems to be.  Sun tells her to react with violence.  Man losing Jin has changed her.  (Still standing by the belief that he's not dead, by the way, and if you noticed his name is still in the opening credits, so that bodes well for me being right).

So, some of the questions raised in these episodes

-Who shot the flaming arrows and who subsequently caught Juliet and Sawyer?  (side note, lots of things in these episodes were nice throwbacks to earlier episodes not just the opening scene, but Frogurt's death was very reminiscent of Leslie Artz's at the Black Rock).  They weren't Others and they weren't Dharma.  Of course we don't know that the Flaming Arrows and the Off With Her Hand folk are the same people, but it stands to reason.

-When are they at the end of the episode, and is there any pattern to the flashes?  I'm betting no on the latter, but if there is a pattern, Faraday should be able to find it.

-Who is the lady at the Butcher shop who knows Benry so well she isn't surprised he pulls up with a dead Locke?  Is she an Other or something else?

Well, it's getting late so I'm going to wrap it up, but one interesting thing I noticed.  When Locke sees the drug runners plane crash and is climbing to check it out he gets shot in the leg by Ethan Rom (what goes around comes around, as Richard says).  If you think way back to season one episode 19 Deus Ex Machina when Boone and Locke first find the plane, Locke's leg gives out on him as if somehow being in that spot his body remembers the injury that he hasn't yet received and yet had already happened for Ethan.  Not sure if it is just coincidence, but it sure is something to think about.

Until Next Time, they're obviously going to have to get Hurley out of jail.  Now that Prison Break is ending I wonder if Michael Scofield is available (speaking of constant headaches and nose bleeds happening to TV characters).

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