Saturday, January 17, 2009

BSG: Sometimes A Great Notion, first thoughts

Wow.  Holy Frak and Wow.  Those were my first thoughts.

Some thoughts during the episode?  HOLY FRAK! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!


I was shocked and dismayed by Dee's death.  I had no idea that it was coming and the manner in which it occurred blew me away.  I was a little surprised that she was capable of it, and it just didn't seem like something that would occur to her right at that moment.

As I've reflected on it, however, I've come to realize that she was preparing herself for it the whole day. 

Watching Hera and playing with her, then going on a date with Apollo and reliving the happiness that they shared for too short a time.  She was soaking up the good and refusing to live any longer with the bad.  It was heartbreaking and it was powerful.  She will be sorely missed.

Earth was inhabited by Cylons.  This was a bigger reveal to me then the idea that Earth has been decimated by a nuclear holocaust.  The show has told us over and over that "All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again."  Clearly that is the case if the thirteenth tribe were Cylons.  I suppose that the remaining humans and Cylons are ultimately supposed to return to Kobal and settle there.  Then, when the tribes leave Kobal, the Cylons will go separate from the humans and go to Earth, the humans will go back to the twelve colonies.  Then thousands of years later, the humans will end up creating Cylons having no memory that they once lived with Cylons and the newly created Cylons will evolve and start a war with the humans. 

Meanwhile the original Cylons will somehow have destroyed themselves on Earth two thousand years earlier. 

Everything has happened before, everything will happen again.

Except I take some hope from something Apollo said in the mid season finale.  He answers D'Anna saying that it doesn't have to happen again.  They can change it.  As of now, they don't seem to be headed in a "let's change things" direction, but there are 9 episodes left.

What is really interesting was the realization by our Final 4 that they had lived on Earth and been there when the devastation occurred.  Why are they back and amongst the fleet that was headed towards Earth?  And how are they back?

We got a little clue at the same time we discovered the Final Cylon.  Ellen Tigh (and unlike what seems to be a lot of people I like this revelation) tells Saul (who had both eyes, ah, good times) that everything is in place. 

They'll be reborn and live again together.

This tells me a couple of things.

One, that at least the two of them had some idea that this holocaust might occur, and probably Anders, Tory, and Tyrol knew as well.

And two, by reappearing in the right time when it would be necessary to return to Earth, the reappearance of the Final Five either caused the Cylon War or it was actively planned by the reborn Cylons.  Ellen always seemed to know a little more then she let on.

So, will Ellen be back?  After all, Tigh killed her long before they blew up the Resurrection Hub.  And she was somehow privy to a way to bring her and Tigh back to life nearly two thousand years after they died many, many light years away.  I think that she will be.

I'm always fascinated by the Cylon numbers.  Why are the 7 known Cylons (excluding the Final Five) numbered 1 (Cavil), 2 (Leobon), 3 (D'Anna), 4 (Simon), 5 (Doral), 6, and then 8 (Boomer, Athena).  Why is 7 skipped?  We know the Final 5 are different then the other Cylons, and I'm wondering if 8 might actually be one of them.  From the beginning, 8 has shown herself to be different from the other Cylons.  Athena is an accepted member of the humans, and it was an 8 that broke the tie by severing herself from the rest of the 8s and siding with Cavil.  I don't know, but it certainly bears thinking about.

As for Starbuck, I honestly have no idea what to think.  She found herself and her ship destroyed and dead on Earth.  It was the signal from her destroyed Viper that her new Viper was able to follow.  What the frak does that mean?  Is Starbuck a clone of some kind?  Was a duplicate Starbuck created by traveling through some sort of wormhole?  Is Ellen somehow behind all of this?  Or is the Cylon God?  I really don't know what to think yet.

But I'm way ready to find out.

Until Next Time, I was blown away by the episode and am excited about the start of the final 10 episodes.  This is without a doubt the best television show I have ever seen and for my money is the best television show ever produced.  What'll they throw at us next?

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