Thursday, March 2, 2006

LOST Maternity Leave, first thoughts

Okay, so what the hell is up with the Others?

Is it just me or did you actually start to think we might have been wrong about them?  Maybe they aren't all bad.  Clearly, they aren't as primitive as we were led to believe.  They have a fairly state of the art medical center that they were able to just abandon, and the whole grizzly adams look that we've gotten from that one guy is just a fake beard and stage makeup.

You saw how he really looked when he spoke to Ethan in Claire's flashback.

I loved that for only the second time, the episode took place entirely on the island (the other being the episode that showed what had happened for the last season and a quarter to the tailies, which while interesting was far too rushed for my taste.) 

This entire island episode was great.  It worked in the show's propensity for flashbacks so well that it was almost half the episode before I realized that it was like a normal episode, but the flashbacks weren't going as far back.  Brilliantly done.  Flashback episodes are always difficult to pull off, but for a series that is partly based on them, this episode was able to seem unbelievably natural.

I also loved that Russo is now good again.

So, some questions answered, far more asked, but all in all a brilliant episode.

The season is really starting to heat up now.

Questions from the last couple episodes that I really am unsure of: is Henry Gale (Wizard of Oz reference? especially with the whole hot air balloon thing, Dorothy Gale's uncle Henry?) an Other or is he telling the truth?

What the hell was that when the clock went down past zero, Egyptian symbols?  What do they mean?  I'm really not sure, but I'm looking forward to trying to find out.

Until Next Time, I want Walt back, and keep Sawyer bad, cause man he is a fun character.

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  1. AGH! I didn't particularly like this episode 'cause it's like you said- Claire gets crazier as time goes on and I like her sane :( But yeah- why would they abandon that entire medical facility? Or have they (the lockers would insinuate otherwise). But hey! We found Alex. And I agree- I like Russo on the good side. I'm glad she didn't shoot the baby since they thought he was "sick."