Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Women Directors - 52 Week Challenge - Women Talking

After the Oscars again neglected to nominate a woman director for the films of 2022, I decided in 2023 I would watch one feature length film that I had never seen before directed by a woman for each week of the year, 52 films.

This is the fourth.

You can find the first here

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Women Talking - directed by Sarah Polley

Despite getting a Best Picture nomination, Sarah Polley doesn't get a Best Director nomination.

Ironically, for a film that takes place mostly in one location, this feels less like a play than many of the films that are based on plays have in the last few years.

I give full credit to Polley's direction for that.

I never once felt claustrophobic in the barn set where most of the film took place. Any claustrophobia I felt was only due, as intended, to the atmospheric trauma that the women had experienced from the men of the group of which they were supposed to be an equal part.

I wasn't a fan of the voice over narration, but that's a stylistic choice that I've never been fond of and I realize is mostly personal bias, but the camera work and the way tension was held through what was mainly just one long discussion is masterful work.

It was a powerful and emotional film with some incredible performances.

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