Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Women Directors - 52 Week Challenge - Fire of Love

After the Oscars again neglected to nominate a woman director for the films of 2022, I decided in 2023 I would watch one feature length film that I had never seen before directed by a woman for each week of the year, 52 films.

This is the 2nd - for the first check here.

Fire of Love - directed by Sara Dosa

Fire of Love, again, an Oscar Nominee, this one for Best Documentary, is a love story, a science documentary on volcanos, and a tragedy all wrapped into one.

You can find this movie streaming on Disney+.

Two budding volcanologists meet (the how is literally the stuff of myth and legend), fall in love, and help define the very field in which they work, literally saving lives in the process only to lose their own in the very process (don't worry, they tell you that at the very beginning of the movie, so I didn't spoil anything).

It is a fascinating look at the incredible work that these two did in making volcanos more understandable to us, the dreams that they had that we haven't quite accomplished yet, the lives that they lived, the incredible love that they shared, and the tragic end that happened way sooner than it should have.

It is a beautiful film, lovingly put together by Dosa on film and photographs that the couple themselves often shot.

Just a great piece of filmmaking that will not doubt be the basis of a narrative film sooner rather than later.

A great film if you are interested in science or love stories.

Two films down, fifty to go.

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