Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST The Last Recruit, first thoughts

We'll start with the title, which I think refers to the last moments of the episode, and it just seems LOSTian to start at the end, especially in an episode with so much going on, which I have to guess is how the rest of the season will be from here on out, so I hope you can handle the suspense...

(that's a shout out to you, Emily!)

My friend Justin has said for weeks that he believed the title referred to Locke trying to get the last possible recruit (Jin), and it seemed like a fine theory especially when last week all of the other recruits found their way to the Locke-less Monster.

But it turns out that the last recruit seems to refer to the only one that is still with the Man in Black. Jack is the last recruit.

Jack is the only one that doesn't want to leave the Island, and therefore is probably the one currently best suited to replace Jacob. He and (pseudo)Locke seem to have switched spots, no longer is Jack the Man of Science, he is the Man of Faith and vice versa.

And Jack was so awesome when he jumped off of Sawyer's boat. It has been years since I felt good about Jack as a character, but I loved him in that moment.

So, did you believe Locke when he said that he pretended to be Christian? Because I didn't. Like Sayid and Claire, Christian's body was gone. Locke's body was not gone. I don't think that Locke was Christian. Of course I could be wrong, but it felt like a lie to me.

Speaking about Esau's lies, he offered Sayid Nadia back which is impossible, but Nadia is still alive in the alternate timeline, so if Locke is offering that life, Sayid probably doesn't want that life. What Esau offers are lies.

I still wonder what is going on with Sayid, Claire, and possibly Christian... It struck me as strange that Jack didn't try to bring Claire along on Sawyer's boat. I guess he truly believed Dogen when he tried to tell Jack about the darkness.

I also am surprised that Claire didn't wake up in the alternate timeline, since she had an encounter with Desmond. But he did put her in contact with Jack. Is it possible that whatever Christian left her in the will is going to make her aware of the real reality?

Things in the LA X reality certainly seem to be collapsing quickly. Is there any question that Sawyer and Miles will be the ones that question both Sun and Jin about Sayid's role in the murders and Ben about the hit and run? Plus Locke is now with Jack and Sun is just down the hall.

Justin also theorized that Jack would have to choose on who to save between Sun and Locke, but this actually makes more sense. Locke's injury is spinal related, Sun's was not, it was however baby related, which makes me think that a different doctor we know might have been involved. Perhaps Juliet, who Sawyer can meet when questioning Sun and Jin. Another fun guess... Juliet is also David Shephard's mother and Jack's ex-wife in the LA X timeline.

Speaking of Sun and Jin, I was really not expecting them to be united with four episodes left. I really thought it would be in the finale. I have a bad feeling about their being reunited so early, I'm worried one of them won't survive.

I hope I'm wrong.

Until Next Time, pretty sure that Desmond is still alive, and I hate worrying about Sawyer and his crew until next week. On the plus side, I can watch it live next week and through the finale!

Josh Man

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  1. i like how you started the season mentioning my theories that sounded good to you, stopped mentioning me altogether mid-season and for the home stretch you only mention me when i'm proven wrong. its a funny progression.