Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST Everyone Loves Hugo, first thoughts

Really only a few of things I feel like we have to talk about this week.

Don't get me wrong, a lot took place in the episode, there was a lot going on, but I feel like there are only a few things that really stand out as taking some time to look at.

First off...


It was so, so, so great to see Libby again.

Something that I found interesting was that while Charlie required a near death experience, Desmond had the deja vu moment underwater and the touch of his constant (as well as having his original timeline self blasted with electromagnatism), but Libby seems to have recognized the truth based on just a commercial.

It makes you wonder.

It was her realization of another timeline that caused her to put herself into Santa Rosa in the LA X timeline, what do you think caused her to be there in the original timeline? Did she have a similar experience in the original timeline? Was she aware of something that made her seem crazy? Does she have some sort of natural ability to pierce through to other realities, making it easier for her to connect herself to the Island timeline?

It would make sense, and be an awesome answer to the question of why she was in the mental institution in the original timeline.

Speaking of answers, what did you think of the answer for the whispers?

I kind of like it, the souls that are unable to escape the Island, those that die on the Island still burdened with the guilt of their actions are unable to leave the Island even in death. Redemption is definitely a main theme of the show and perhaps the redemption of those who died unable to find it is still possible. I certainly find the possibility intriguing.

The question I still have is why the whispers seem to focus on the Others. Perhaps because the Others have been on the Island the longest, the spirits that make up the whispers are most closely connected to them.

The other main thing that I wanted to discuss was the fate of Ilana (you got a little Ilana on you), not so much the way she died, which was very reminiscent to the death of Artz, but what Ben said afterwords. The Island no longer needed her.

I can't help but admit that there is a possibility that we have been deceived all along and Jacob isn't the good guy. It definitely doesn't seem fair that Ilana did so much for Jacob, gathered most of the candidates together, then blew up like a minor character from season one.

I'm honestly not sure what to make of Ilana's death.

I would like to point out the similarity not only to Artz's death, but also to Frogurt's death, he of the flaming arrow end. It was in the midst of indecision and argument and it was followed immediately by action.

In this case, the action of Hurley to destroy the rest of the dynamite.

I'm not sure that Hurley is doing the right thing, but I definitely enjoy him taking a leadership role. I think that leadership fits him nicely.

The final point I want to make is the interesting dichotomy of Island Locke throwing Island Desmond down a hole matched with LA X Desmond hitting LA X Locke with a car.

Is it petty revenge for Desmond (assuming as I do that he is aware of what is happening on the Island as well as what is happening in the sideways timeline) or is it a necessary action in order to wake Locke up?

How does Desmond know what will wake up the LOSTies? How did he know that Hurley just needed to kiss Libby whereas Locke apparently needed to get hit by a car? Guess we'll have to keep watching in order to find out.

Desmond off Island seems to have a lot of Jacob like qualities though, doesn't he? It is very much like Jacob's bit going around to each of the LOSTies in last season's finale.

Just wanted to point that out.

Until Next Time, things are clearly leading to an end. I'm trying not to think too much about that fact.

Josh Man


  1. i, for one, was really happy with the answer for the whispers. i think its the best answer they've given us so far this season. and it was very sweet. also, it was kind of something that we were capable of putting together by ourselves pretty easily. it just worked the way a story should work, and then lead to that sweet scene with michael looking for final forgiveness.

    hurley, the only one who actually talks to jacob, tried to warn ilana. if she trained her whole life then she should have trained herself to listen to people who can give her messages from her leader. also, who says that her cessation of existence isn't exactly what she needed? after all, she seemed to be in a bad place before jacob healed her.

  2. What was the deal with the kid? Locke said to Desmond, 'pay no attention to him' or something like that. Was that Locke as a kid? Jacob? Someone else entirely? Have we seen that kid before and I forgot?